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Sun, Sep. 25th, 2016 09:14 pm

Trying to get all my tasks done before I leave for Canada. Today I was intending to pre-pack, but then got working on my thesis infographics and now it's 9PM and the day's done ;) On the upside, I got draft of five of them done and I am shooting for the other four done this week. That way I can just review the follow-up information while I'm away and integrate all that data when I return. (BTW: Thanks to everyone who took part in the initial survey and those that are doing the follow-up surveys now.) I feel like my need to have an even number of pages in my thesis is going to eventually aggravate me, but for now my rough draft is looking good!

My doors are FINALLY done, after having to wait three weeks and a missed appointment for them to come back and wrap the door they forgot to do when they came out over Labor Day. With that out of the way, and the last payment supposed to go through next month, I can focus on what is hopefully my last outdoor fix - vinyl siding. The house will look much better once the old siding is replaced, and it'll show off the new windows and doors better.

Before I got wrapped up in thesis stuff, I had to sit through an hour of Windows 10 updating on my laptop (thank goodness my PC had already done that yesterday). And then when I was trying to clean my fish tank the pump gave out. It's been a yearly occurrence of having to replace what is supposed to last "many years" and has a "lifetime warranty." I wrote Aqueon yet again to complain, but went ahead and ordered a replacement from Amazon in the meantime. Periodically checking on the fish to make sure they're okay until it arrives :(

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday! Talk to you soon!

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Mon, Sep. 12th, 2016 10:07 am

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my fanvid research survey thus far! I wanted to send out a final reminder in case you were interested, but haven't had a chance to complete the survey yet.

The survey closes at 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, September 13th. Please be sure to fill out the survey before the closing date if you are interested in participating.

Brief Blurb: I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary.

Full Research Details: You can find the details of the study in my original Livejournal post.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through my official UNC-Chapel Hill email address (kworkman@email.unc.edu) or my fandom email address (kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com).

Survey Link: https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_08stoviTmwzALM9

Thank you!

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Sun, Sep. 11th, 2016 07:43 pm

Been kind of a laid-back weekend as I gear up for the next stage of my thesis writing. And trying to figure out if I've got all my pre-Canada trip planning done. My running schedule keeps getting messed up, so I'm doing back-to-back run days now so I'll be done with the program before my trip and can restart after I get back. Weight loss is slow, but steady, so at least I'm seeing something for my actions :P

I've been looking over what's streaming this month on Amazon and Netflix, to see if any Paul Gross or CKR guest starring eps might pop up anew. So far I've re-watched the second season of Californication with CKR (about to watch his 2 other eps where he came back...I don't remember if I watched them when they first aired) and watched Paul's eps of Republic of Doyle (which is a surprisingly good show, not the least of which because I can play Spot the Canadian and see random Gordon Pinsent).

Oh, and I was looking over my AO3 fics today for some reason (I think I stumbled upon one of them when I was searching fandom fics?) Anyway, aside from the fact the archive reconfigured and I had to mark all the fics done again instead of Part 1 of ?, I discovered that I apparently wrote two Due South short-fics back in 2009 where I wanted them to come back to Chicago and keep their relationship a secret? Which, I don't know if I was playing against type or honestly wanted that back then, but it's funny what a couple of years will do. Now, I can't fathom forcing Fraser to come back from Canada after knowing he was home again. Plus, I like to think of Ray making a long-term commitment to Canada.

Okay, back to Sunday night task clean-ups and preparing for the week ahead!

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Tue, Sep. 6th, 2016 10:27 pm

Had a lovely Labor Day weekend and got to spend Sunday with a good friend :) We were talking about different shows (Due South - adjacent) and it got me to wanting to re-watch Slings & Arrows. Problem is that I think I imagined owning copies of the series? I've searched every location I can think of and have yet to turn up Slings & Arrows. I have, however, turned up copies of Chasing Rainbows (which I have no recollection of watching), apparently one season of Traders (the first I'm guessing, based on the disc art), and a burned copy of Wilby Wonderful (which, yay! I've got the digital version on every device I own at the moment). Still, no Slings & Arrows. And while I'm happy to buy the seasons again (or for the first time if I imagined owning them prior), 18 eps for $50 is a bit much. Shall have to rely on Netflix DVDs for a temporary re-watch I guess.

One more week left for my Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey. Formal reminders will go up in the appropriate communities later this week / weekend. The submissions have slowed down, but I'm still getting a few each day so that the number's edging up. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey so far! Tallying the data and getting the secondary surveys ready will be this coming weekend's project ;)

And finally...

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Fri, Sep. 2nd, 2016 09:03 pm

I have been on a home improvement kick with Lowes this year and perhaps I should take a lesson that it's a bad idea, since every single installation has been problematic.

First up, I had all the windows in my house replaced over the summer. First installer came out, then walked off the job after 15 minutes because he didn't do that type of work. One month later, I finally got a second installer to come out and while he did a great job, he turned what was promised to be a one day install into a three day install (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday - meaning I had to take extra time off work).

That was paid off, so next up I replaced all my exterior doors (front, side, and French double doors). The install was scheduled today (after trying to get them to call me with an install date for three weeks), with a race against the hurricane / tropical storm. I will give them props that they worked non-stop from 10AM to after 6PM and got the doors and storm doors installed with interior wrap. However, first of all the guy lost my front and side door keys and tried to tell me "since they're all keyed the same, they probably only give you one set." No, I bought three locks in three separate packages, all of which had a set of keys in them. So he had to go dig through the trash to find the two sets he lost. Then, after they left, I discovered that they didn't wrap the exterior of the French door like they were supposed to, so it's just exposed wood against the siding. I shoudl have gone over the entire exterior of the house in the dark I guess so I could have caught it before they walked out, but I was so focused on the lost keys that I didn't. I've emailed my Lowes contact in hopes he can get the matter resolved soon. [Then spent almost 2 hours cleaning up after them and trying to get the glue off my French door windows.]

All of these foul-ups are not giving me high hopes that my next (and final) exterior project of replacing all my vinyl siding is going to go much better. And considering that's a huge chunk of change, I do not want to have to go through hassle after hassle just to get it done. I don't understand it. I want to give them money, so you'd think they would want to get things working right and smoothly. We shall see how long it takes to get the door wrap done, because it has to be done. Grrr, frustration :/

Then I emailed Amazon just to let them know my Echo still won't play CBC Radio 2 on TuneIn, even though it works online and in the Android app. They called me...and thanked me for calling them. I didn't call you! Lady on the phone couldn't understand what I was trying to play, then she wanted me to unplug my Echo and plug it back in, to no avail. Then she said just play it through the Echo app. Um, no, that doesn't work because I tried that already. Plus, the whole point of my Echo is hands-free control. She put me on hold so she could try it. Meanwhile, another customer support person answered my email and said the developers are aware of the issue and were working on it. Phone lady comes back and says the station's working for her, but the developers know it's a problem and are working on it. One, how is it working for you, yet you know it's a problem? Two, why are you talking to me on the phone when I emailed and already got a response from someone else, who told me the exact same thing?

The frustration was so much after today that I broke down and drank a Pepsi, first time in two weeks. Still sticking with the calorie count and increased exercise, but sometimes you need a drink :) I'm hoping tomorrow is better, with less frustrating people.

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Mon, Aug. 29th, 2016 10:12 pm

While my DVR continues to miss episodes of shows that have CKR guest starring (perhaps because he's not listed in the main guide?), it's finally learned that Hugh Dillion  = Flashpoint, so I'm doing daily re-watches of that. I always liked it when it first aired, though I keep forgetting it's set in Toronto until a random landmark or constable pops up ;) Surprise!Canada!

I wanted to send out a thanks to those who have filled out my Fan Creators' Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey so far. I'm hopeful that I'll reach my intended survey sample within the next two weeks. If anyone hasn't filled it out thus far, feel free! Or if you can pimp it to your own journals or social media locations, that would be most welcome.

And I was very sad to see that Gene Wilder passed away today. He was a great comedic actor and I adored pretty much every one of his movies, especially when he played with Richard Pryor (I have a soft spot for See No Evil, Hear No Evil). Always will stop and rewatch Willy Wonka or Young Frankenstein whenever they're on. The world was greater for having him in it. A sad loss.

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Sun, Aug. 21st, 2016 10:17 pm

First of all, thanks for everyone who has filled out my Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey so far. One week in, I'm about 1/3 of the way to my needed statistical sample size. Please feel free to share the announcement with your social media circles. I'll be doing reminders on the various LJ communities and Twitter again this week.

Secondly, I listened to The Tragically Hip's final concert in Kingston last night and it was a moving experience. I was following along on Twitter and it felt like all of Canada was listening / watching along with me. For almost three hours we were all together, all sharing the final goodbye with Gord. He didn't seem to want it to end and neither did we, but I'm so grateful that I was able to listen. Big thanks to CBC radio for broadcasting the concert on their channels. It wasn't just a national concert, it was an international one.

And finally, I had my physical on Friday and my doctor's trying to help me lose the 20lbs that I seem unable to (my BMI's in the slightly overweight range and it has been for years). I'm going to first attempt my former actions that proved successful - calorie count, reduction of sugar, and a return to the Couch to 5K program. I also need to up my workouts from 3 to 5 per week. I'm giving that a go until I leave for Toronto, which would put me at 6 weeks dedicated and completing the entire C25K program on a reduced schedule. If that proves to not make a serious dent in the totals, I'll have to try the Paleo or lower carb options (I actually don't overeat on total carbs according to my tracker, but I know I could reduce it more). 

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Mon, Aug. 15th, 2016 09:56 pm

The IRB approval / exemption just came through today, so it's time to make the survey active! As many of you know, I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary. I will be posting reminders about the survey on a weekly basis until the close date of September 13th.

I would greatly appreciate if you would redistribute this survey to your social media circles, friendslists, fellow vidders, etc. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the study or the survey. Thank you!


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Title: Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling

Principal Investigator: Kimberly Lynn Workman

IRB Number: 16-1907 (This submission has been reviewed by the Office of Human Research Ethics and was determined to be exempt from further review according to the regulatory category 2.Survey, interview, public observation under 45 CFR 46.101(b).)

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this research study is to gather information about fanvidders' engagement in fandom as a result of their fanvids, the vidders' interactions with media owners, the extent to which vidders align their identities with the media they are vidding, and what reactionary steps vidders take when identification with media goes astray.

Overview: You will be asked your opinion about the target areas listed above, as well as completion of a section to self-identify and/or consent for follow-up questions.

Duration: This survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Statement of Confidentiality: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may cease completion at any time and your answers will not be saved until your final submission. You have the option to provide an email address for follow-up questions, but this section is not a requirement for completion of the survey. All data collected from this survey will be reviewed by the principal investigator only, accessible through a password-protected site where all survey data will be stored. The information will be summarized for use in infographics as part of a Masters thesis project, as well as later utilized for academic publication. No identifying information will be used without consent.

Qualifications: In order to participate in this study, you must be a fanvidder above the age of 18. Fanvidders are defined as those who have participated in the act of vidding, creating music videos that combines source content from popular media through video and audio materials and re-purposes it in a new way.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through her official UNC-Chapel Hill email address (kworkman@email.unc.edu) or her fandom email address (kimberlyFDR@yahoo.com).

Survey Link: https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_08stoviTmwzALM9

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Fri, Aug. 12th, 2016 09:47 pm

I watched Zootopia this afternoon from Netflix. Really cute movie! Liked the shout-outs to other movies and television shows in it. And I kinda want a sequel to see the cop partners fighting crime together as official officers of the law :)

Also, I found out Paul Gross is going to be in the Alias Grace miniseries, which is being co-produced between CBC and Netflix. Not sure what month it's coming out in 2017, since they just started table reads earlier this week (according to his Twitter), but I'll definitely add it to my list. The casting news has been slim thus far, as I only know Paul and Zachary Levi are to be in it, alongside Sarah Polley, and that they're shooting from August 2016 to November 2016 in Toronto. Maybe now that they're filming it'll come with more casting announcements.

I'm in a holding pattern, awaiting email responses from a number of sources. I am trying to be patient, but one of the delays is related to my IRB application still not being reviewed, which means my survey start date is being pushed back again. I had to all worked out so I didn't have to worry about my thesis during the week I'm out of the country, but now I'm going to have to be working on it because of the changed timeline. Frustrating.

And finally, CBC Radio Two Drive has been playing one Tragically Hip record a day (in chronological order) leading up to their Kingston concert on August 20th and I shockingly remember way more songs than I realized. I first heard them in fanvids and it just snowballed from there. See? Fandom is great for exposing us to music we never would have known about before! (Their Kingston concert is being simulcast across CBC television and radio and YouTube, and I plan on listening.)

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Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2016 10:11 pm

It's a new month! And as UNC's tuition bill reminded me, time for a new semester (my last!) Been awaiting full university IRB approval on my survey study (after two departmental rejections), so once I get that I can go ahead and get started on my thesis research. Time's ticking away! And with me trying to balance writing a novel prequel and some upcoming travel, I want to spread this out in a nice, gentle manner.

For travel, I'm getting to go to Toronto in October for a work conference :D Well, half work / half play as I'm planning on coming in early and hanging out for a few days. [It will actually be the same time as the Toronto SPN con, but I'm forgoing that since there aren't any "new" actors at the con and I want a city visit instead of a hotel-only experience.] I have gone to Toronto every four years by chance, which I find funny, but I'm definitely looking forward to a re-visit. Also hoping to finally get through all of the ROM, as my two former attempts were thwarted (first visit I went late in the afternoon so I ran out of time to see all the floors, second visit there was a blackout that closed the museum an hour into my visit). If the third time is thwarted as well I'll know I'm cursed. However, I bet some Tim Hortons and a visit to the The Pickle Barrel will make it better.

Speaking of Canada...

Paul Gross, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you kindly and good night ;)

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