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Wed, Feb. 10th, 2016 10:59 pm

Well, bloody Valentine's on SPN again. Not my favorite holiday ep, but it wasn't all bad.

[Dean is celebrating unattached drifter"s Christmas right!]
I was kind of meh about tonight's episode. I mean, with the trend of the Winchesters' Valentine's Days, I was hoping for some “Dean gives Sam a bloody heart” like has been the trend. Bloody hearts, yes. Declarations of brotherly love, not so much. But at least Dean celebrated unattached drifter Christmas with his usual level of commitment. (Not sure why we had to revisit all the old holiday eps? Creepy Christmas Couple had little to do with Heart-Rippers, right?)

The babysitter / husband combo was expected, though I did like that the curse was passed on like an STD though the lipstick. Stupid Dean putting himself on the line again, though. Why must he try to kill himself over and over again in the name of saving people, hunting things, the family business? They could have stretched the shapeshifter thing out longer, I thought. One glimpse at the hands on the girl's neck and I knew it looked like the husband, but couldn't be. Where's the mystery anymore?

One good thing that came out of the episode, I guess, is that we see Dean's not trying to keep secrets from Sam anymore. He could have just pushed it off and pretended he saw his deepest desire in the form of Daisy Duke or some other hot women, but he admits it was Amara and how scared it makes him with the control she has over him. And while Sam understands and wants to assure Dean he has his back, you can see the weight of the world dropping on his shoulders in that last scene. As if he didn't have enough issues with his Lucifer flashbacks, now he's got to make sure his brother stays safe, doesn't fall under the lure of God's sister, and figure out a way to kill her before she kills the world. No biggie, right?

Next week looks good. WWII time travel, whee! With prisoner Crowley and snarky Lucifer!Cas. And hopefully arc-related activities. I don't mind the fillers, but I'm ready to get back to the drama now.

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Wed, Feb. 3rd, 2016 10:57 pm

The Wayward Daughters were up tonight :) Great to see them.

Jody Mills...Den MotherCollapse )

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Wed, Jan. 27th, 2016 11:05 pm

Good guest star tonight, and some teases of what's to come.

[Brotherly loooooooooove]
Love that we got a banshee myth! As soon as the screaming started, I got excited. I was concerned about the baby, and did temporarily wonder if maybe Eileen was the banshee in disguise (deaf banshee!), but glad that she turned out to be not only a strong woman, but also a Men of Letters legacy and a hunter who continues on after the episode ended. Women and SPN, you know their frequent fate ;)

Great to see Dee Wallace guest star tonight, too. (Her official Twitter account just liked my post-ep tweet, so that was nice.) Her character had just the right amount of humor and strength. The flirting with Dean was adorable, as was the signing conversations she had with Eileen. She prefers Dean because she's too old to be a mountain climber anymore :D Haha! I like it when older ladies flirt with the boys.

Poor Sam's still messed up after his run-in with Lucifer, which is understandable, but the fact that he's actually TALKING about it, and Dean's open to talking about it, shows how much they've grown. Let the openness continue, please. And he finally admitted that he regretted not looking for Dean while he was in Purgatory. Yes, so did we! But Dean's forgiven you, so you have to forgive yourself. As long as they're together, they're stronger.

Dean needs some of that togetherness, considering where he's at right now. The banshee deemed him vulnerable and that's the truth. He's not in a good mental place when it comes to Amara. Even Mildred recognized the bond he had with Amara, although Dean's not going to admit it to his brother. When they do find Amara again, I fear that it'll be strike three on Dean's part, at best. At worst, he might finally crack and join with her. It's a scary thought.

So, too, is the whole Cas situation. I love Lucifer!Cas, especially when he's trying to pretend to be regular Cas around Dean. He just doesn't care about anything that gets in his way. Angel with a blade? He's a bloody mess with just a snap of the fingers. And now he knows Dean's deepest secrets regarding Amara, which he will surely use against them. He's playing it with just the right balance of creepy and intriguing. The Winchesters still don't know the truth about him, but they're suspecting something's up. Maybe they'll find out in the next few eps, but for now I'm loving just watching Lucifer!Cas exist.

Next week, family time. Such a good season!

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Sat, Jan. 23rd, 2016 04:53 pm

It's been a tense 36 hours monitoring the effects of Winter Storm Jonas here in North Carolina. Our forecasts ranged from a ton of snow (which would be welcome!) to slowly changing to a ton of ice (which is not welcome!) I had to run to Wal-Mart on Thursday night to get bottled water because I was out, in preparation for what might happen, and it was like the end of the world was coming. People were crazy, had wiped out the shelves from bread, milk, fruits, vegetables, canned good, and anything non-perishable. I didn't have the opportunity to compare prices on the water, and don't even know how much I paid for it, because it was grab what you could and run. But I got in and out, grabbed some food and Pizza Hut, and prepared to monitor the weather for the weekend.

Yesterday they were calling for 0.5 - 0.75 inches of ice to accumulate here in Mebane, which would definitely take out trees and power lines. That's what happened in the last big ice storm and why I was without power for 7 days. So, I monitored and fretted anytime the percipitation switched over from snow to sleet because it was going to be mixing with freezing rain (sleet bounces off, freezing rain wraps around tree branches and power lines - no good). We got EXTREMELY luckly here in Mebane, as we were above the freezing line and got mostly sleet and snow. I think we got about 2-3 inches accumulation, well below the promised amount, but at least we had no ice accumulation on the trees and lines, so NO POWER OUTAGES! I was nervously monitoring the outage map last night and seeing the line of outages creep up towards me. One hour from when the Winter Storm Warning goes dead, I think we're good? I hope so, since right now the repairs are running on a three day repair timeline (three days without heat, brrr), but we'll see if the winds tonight changes that. For now, I'm enjoying looking at the snow.

We still cannot get mail delivered or drive anywhere, and the governor is urging people to stay in (we'll have black ice issues tomorrow and probably Monday morning, too), but I'm safe and warm and well-stocked with food. As long as the heat's running, I'm okay :)

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Wed, Jan. 20th, 2016 10:46 pm

Supernatural is back! And there were some definitely unexpected twists in there.

Hero Worship Is A DownfallCollapse )

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Fri, Jan. 15th, 2016 10:40 pm

I had been having issues with my internet cutting out on the first day of class (Monday night) and finally got so frustrated that I called Centurylink. This has been a recurrent problem, but usually it'll resolve itself within a short amount of time. And, of course, it resolved when I was on the phone with customer support. But he wanted to test my connection anyway, so he did...and realized that instead of getting the 8 Mbps that was my minumum, I was getting less than 1 Mbps (somewhere around 0.68 when I did the speed test). Clearly there was an issue.

Over the past year, I had noticed that my streaming on Netflix and Amazon would often pause and have to spin before continuing. Not very easy to watch movies or shows that way, but I learned to deal. My usual surfing was slower at times, but I thought it might be because I had increased the number of wireless devices in my house by a lot, so there were always multiple connections being made at one time. No, that was not the problem. Instead it was something simple that Centurylink should have notified me about.

Repair guy came out and had my problem fixed in 30 minutes. There was a double filter on my line, so it was having to pass through two filters before it even hit my modem. This was because, when they switched my old modem for a new one, they didn't have me remove the wall filter, since the new ones have it built in. He tested, and I did as well. Filter removed, my speeds are back up to 8 Mbps. I've been streaming on my Fire Stick all day and haven't had one issue with it pausing. Connections to pages are much increased. YAY! Fast internet again!

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Sat, Jan. 9th, 2016 09:49 am

I came home early from work on Thursday because I was feeling run down and got progressively worse throughout the day (bad headache, chills, cough, nausea, not able to keep anything down).

Yesterday I felt a bit better and was able to work online at home, like usual, in the morning and even got over to Burlington to get my oil changed. Back on regular food and only coughing and stuffy nose to deal with.

Today, I feel rundown again and my headache's threatening to return. I'm hoping with more rest I can continue to recover, but it's still sad that my last weekend before school starts is spent feeling miserable and not productive.

Sigh, winter. Temperature changes and close quarters always bring illness.

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Wed, Jan. 6th, 2016 10:56 pm

Currently trying out a new smartwatch (Moto 360). I've been doing my background image (SPN) and initial set-up only, just getting a feel for it. Steps tracking might be nice, so we'll see if it proves beneficial. Still, not sure if I want to forego my Supernautral tattoo watch just yet. Everything the watch does is through the phone, which I always have, so...is it a step up? Only had it a few hours, so maybe it'll grow on me with more use. Anyone else use a smartwatch? The only thing I've learned so far is I really need to upgrade my phone for one with more memory if I want to download a ton of apps ;)

Only a few more days before classes begin on Monday. All my books are ordered and I'm well-rested, so maybe I'm ready. Also starting my thesis this semester, too, so plenty of exciting times ahead. I'm looking forward to my law class, even if it'll probably be tough. Fair use and fandom is one of my potential topics, so it'll be nice to get a more in-depth class discussion going about that.

Also, I'm fully enjoying my Adaigo teas. First round were the following sample tins:

  • Sam Winchester blend: Nice candy cane undertones with the early grey. I'll leave it on the possibility list for the future.

  • Dean Winchester blend: Tastes like Christmas and warmth! The apple and cinnamon makes it very soothing, but not overpowering. This one's going on the buy again list.

  • Wincest blend: This one is a bit too sweet (too much chocolate) to drink alone, so I've had to put creamer in it. Not bad, but probably won't be getting it again for a while.

If anyone wants a $5 gift certificate to try a blend of your own, let me know. I've got about 19 more samples on my wishlist before I decide on a larger order ;) I'll be drinking teas for a while.

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Thu, Dec. 31st, 2015 07:42 pm

I've been ultra-busy over the holidays, spending time with my parents, as evidenced by the lack of posting (though I have been reading LJ). Have definitely been reading fanfic in between baking, playing with my new FireTV stick, and shopping locally. Very relaxing time off.

2015 had its ups and downs, but overall it's been amazingly productive personally and professionally. I had a publishing whirlwind over the summer, seeing both novels and novellas come out:
Also found out today that Coffee Date was noted as one of the Best Transgender Romances by Bending the Bookshelf! Very wonderful way to end the year :)

And I finished another year of grad school, nearing a completion date for my program, with renewed love for all things marketing. I also had an amazing semester writing up a marketing plan for the Always Keep Fighting campaign, with potential to expand it for my thesis if I decide to utilize it. The AKF campaign has been a great asset to my life in many ways and it was enjoyable writing up those documents and researching all the ways that the campaign has affected others.

In 2016, I look forward to finishing my last 2 grad school classes, working on my thesis, and by year's end hopefully presenting it in order to officially complete graduate school. And I hope to continue on with my writing, achieving personal goals as I march along the ever-winding publication road. So many great ideas to explore :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you have an amazing 2016. See you in the new year!

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Wed, Dec. 9th, 2015 10:36 pm

I saw one twist coming, but the other I did not. And now we're left to ponder the cliffhanger for over a month!

[The Winchester lives are bad and they can always get worse.]
I'm going to try not to jump to my immediate reaction (no, Sammy, noooooo), but we were definitely left reeling with this cliffhanger.

Okay, in non-Cage-related reactions, I keep hoping that Amara's murderous attempts will actually bring out God. No luck so far, but with all the angels coming down on her maybe it'll get God's attention. So many family problems there. And I fear that Dean will eventually fall under her spell. She's got such a lure, such temptation, that it might be hard for him to resist. I'm glad he didn't fall under her spell just yet, but there's always the second half of the season!

I liked that Rowena was falling over herself, in lust over Lucifer. She's just the kind of person who would try to love up on him, for the power balance. She would be a force to reckon if she and Lucifer hooked up. And for all Crowley's bravado, he's still afraid of Lucifer. I would be, too. He knows that his throne and his life would be in jeopardy if Lucifer was ever allowed to step foot out of the Cage.

Sam's terrified. Poor Sammy :( I knew that the visions were coming from Lucifer, that Sam wouldn't be able to have a light in his life. It was just really sad, though. As soon as he promised Dean he wouldn't do anything until his brother got back, I figured it was a promise he'd have to break. And he tried so hard to be strong against Lucifer, to remain calm and mentally stable. He even refused the offer of being Lucifer's vessel, which I was fearful of, but then when Lucifer got him in the Cage and Sam's tears started it was over for me. He's so scared, so lost, and there's no one there to help him. I hope that Dean can get to him before he goes too crazy, but I just don't know. How do you break Sam out without breaking out Lucifer? Also, where is Adam!Michael? Once again, the youngest brother is forgotten.

It's going to be a long month and a half hiatus!

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