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Wed, Apr. 27th, 2016 10:35 pm

Positive representations of relationships give us hope that all hunters won't end up sad and alone. There is hope...if your name's not Winchester.
[They have got the chitters]
I like the through line of Jesse and his brother Matty. Yes, little Jesse has a crush on a boy at school, and yes there might be some that don't approve, but his brother is loving and welcoming without judgement. Plus, when they get older, Matty's going to get them both out of their small town so that they can have a better life. Feels a lot like a Winchester parallel in many ways. And when older Jesse is revealed again, showing how the tragedy of his young life has shaped his path, it's a whole lot reminiscent of the Winchesters' journey, too. I love that SPN shows gay relationships without making it a point. Sometimes hunters marry each other, and it's a hopeful future if they can make it last and not die. Jesse had his closure finally, able to give his brother a true hunter's funeral, and now he can retire with Cesar with a clear conscience. Dean and Sam have yet to reach that point, but they can learn and thing or two about what might be.

Sadly, the Winchesters' lives right now is focused on the world ending (again) instead of reveling in the nice bunker they've made a home. They don't have any leads on Cas or how to stop Amara, but they're going to have to do it alone. No relying on outside help, it's two brothers against the world. I do like that Sam revealed his fears growing up, that one time maybe Dean wouldn't come back after a hunt. That's a fear that is still continuing for both of them. Their most tragic fate is that one doesn't survive. And, as Cesar said, being committed to another hunter means double the worry about death. The boys are soul mates, bonded forever, and they will constantly have to come up against that fear. That's why they watch each others' backs.

The case was almost secondary (again), but it was a nice, simple outcome that made sense. Unknown moster comes up to breed every 27 years, has interesting side effects on its victims, a few attacks and dead bodies, and we have a case. I like when the boys still come up against a monster they haven't seen before. Log it into the journal and the Men of Letters library for future use! Seriously, the boys could open up a hunters help guide online and make tons of money if they ever did get around to retiring. So much knowledge!

Overall, a good case story that solidified some parallels without being too heavy-handed. Onward to saving the world!

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Tue, Apr. 12th, 2016 10:38 pm

It's my birthday!

Good food

Good well-wishes

Good weather...well, not so much

(Two out of three isn't bad)

Also, my first-pick for my thesis committee said yes (a great birthday present!), so all I need is one more from UNC and I'm set. 18 days until the deadline, so here's hoping I can pull it off.

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Wed, Apr. 6th, 2016 10:54 pm

Lots of scenes moving the plot forward tonight. Maybe too much?
[I feel like we jumped ahead a month in storytelling pace.]
So, the whole "one hit and you're done" with these Hand of God objects are becoming a bit predictable. And now that we see it doesn't even work in certain people's hands, we need a new plan. However, Crowley trying to manipulate his way with the Winchesters was a nice revisit to the typical interactions they have. Crowley plays his side to his ultimate benefit, the Winchesters go along with it even when they don't agree, neither side gets their way.

Since the Winchesters weren't in the episode as much as usual, focus on the other characters is warranted. I will admit that there were some surprising elements there, so it wasn't wasted scenes. First we have the ultimate surprise, Rowena's not dead. She is continuing to work her side of things, just like her son. Since allying with Lucifer didn't work out so well, it's play the friendly ally to Amara. I like that she's a bit wary of it, though, even when she's trying to hold it together. I guess, after what Lucifer did, she's afraid of beings with such power. Better hope Amara doesn't turn on her.

And then there's the issue with Lucifer!Cas. Crowley wants Lucifer back in the Cage, Dean just wants Lucifer out of Cas, and Cas is hanging out in his mind not seeming to be jazzed up to do anything. I really, really liked seeing Nick!Lucifer when they took a trip inside the mind. He can pop up anytime, I'd be okay with that! Not that Cas!Lucifer isn't creepy himself. The whole time he was up in Heaven, the angels were trapped somewhere between fear and disgust over what he is, what he stands for. But he banished the Darkness away before, so maybe he's their best hope this time around, too.

Will torturing Cas!Lucifer really bring out God, like Amara thinks? Sure, he's the First Son, but does God still feel love towards Lucifer? Enough that he would come out of hiding to confront his sister. I'm not so sure, but it's a valid plan. And ending the episode with Cas!Lucifer screaming, tortured under Amara's hand, is a good cliffhanger. How far will Amara push him? Hopefully not enough to break Cas forever. I don't think Dean could live with himself if that happened, despite trying to honor Cas' choice in the matter. Heart choice versus smart choice. It’s what always gets them cursed to bad outcomes.

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Wed, Mar. 30th, 2016 11:10 pm

The Winchesters are indeed “psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent.” One cannot and will not live without the other.

[I fear when that day comes.]Lots of psychological reflection tonight.

So, I know we all joke about how the Winchesters are immortal, but when that immortality is gone it's very frightening. As soon as Sam got shot I remembered Billie's warning. Next time they die, it's for real and there's no coming back. I seriously thought he was gone as soon as it happened and was happy to see Dean was helping him stick it out, but alas as the journey continued I kept repeating" Sam's dying...Sam's DYING." And if bleeding out wasn't enough, we've got Corbin knocking him off sooner than expected.

My heart was breaking as Dean started crying. Honestly, when Dean wanted to wait it out with Sam's body, I knew he was suicidal. And then when he promised Sam he'd come back for him, I was expecting him to come back and use his gun to join Sam on the other side. Dean cannot live without Sam, physically or emotionally. He refuses to live in a world where Sam isn't, and would gladly trade his life for Sam's (as he has time and time again).

Here's the thing. Even when Billie clearly warned them that next time they wouldn't be making it back, Dean still killed himself in hopes he could make a trade. But she's having none of that. Do not kill yourself, Dean! Especially if you haven't verified for 100% that Sam's dead. The rules have changed. It's not about making trades and defeating death. Death is dead, Dean killed him, and the Reapers are not going to continue to let the Winchesters break the rules. I worry about Dean's mental health in general. Not only does he have Amara manipulating him, but he's also shown that his self-sacrificial tendancies is going to get him killed one day. Very dark cloud over his head.

The whole werewolves storyline was so secondary to the psychological journey, and I'm okay with that. Such a mundane hunt, one they could do in their sleep, went very very wrong and made them face up to the stark reality of codependency. A good trade-off for me! But I'm sad to see that the "being truthful, open, and honest" trend between Dean and Sam has come to the end. I guess telling your brother that you jumped right to thoughts of suicide (and then actual suicide) when you thought he was dead is a bit too far over the sharing and caring boundaries.

Oh, boys. You hurt me so good.

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Wed, Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:07 pm

Bobby and Rufus are the deadly duo, always with the snark.

[I miss them.]
I have always loved Rufus, and especially when he's paired with Bobby. I miss the old hunters so much, and forget how much until I get to see them in action again. They're just so snarky with their love-hate relationship. I love that Rufus always tries to get the upperhand by not working unless he's absolutely forced to. And you can tell that he cares for Bobby, even when he's complaining.

The duality of the storyline was nice. As was the harkening back to the shaky mental state Bobby was in when they were going after Lilith. He was so scared for the boys, and sure that one of them was going to die. Well, they did...as did Bobby, but the only difference was that Winchesters don't stay dead. Even though Bobby and Dean were unsure of what happened in the nest, I like that they crossed the boundaries of time to see each other once again. Also, really happy to see that Dean isn't keeping secrets from Sam. He admitted that he saw his brother dead on the floor. This is something he would have kept locked inside before. Progress!

Of course the Men of Letters found a way to end a Soul Eater once and for all. Bobby only managed a temporary reprieve with his blood sigil, but the Winchesters have to one-up and go into the void ;) And back to the duality, seeing Dean/Sam fight just as Bobby/Rufus did was great to watch. Good scene cuts on that (and on most of the episode). Also, I like that they continued the joke about Bobby not doing anything when he's not with the Winchesters. Just because he's not helping Dean or Sam doesn't mean he's not working! Actually, he's working double-time because he has to keep up with cases and the random things the Winchesters throw at him. Good old Bobby.

Overall, this was a great, nostalgic episode. Nice to see some "lighter" caseloads in between searching for Amara and Cas.

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Thu, Mar. 10th, 2016 08:12 pm

I had a skin biopsy on two large dysplastic nevi moles (which were close together) last Monday and had to go back yesterday for an excision because it was moderate pre-cancerous for melanoma. I don't know how many internal stiches are in there, but it hurts and burns a lot. I keep thinking I'm stretching the wound area when I move wrong, because I get rushes of pain :( Hoping this biopsy comes back with clear lines and I don't have to go back for a third time. I don't have that much skin to spare! My waterproof banadge is starting to roll at the edges, too, so I need to figure out how to tape that up until Sunday, when I can remove it.

In other news, I'm enjoying the new show Hap and Leonard a lot. Though, I've always liked Lansdale's writing, so seeing the characters adapted to the screen is fun. Also balancing my excitement and dread for the upcoming Civil War movie. The storyline's emotionally draining in the comics, and I bet it'll be doubly so sitting through it onscreen. The new trailer only amped up the emotions :)

The first thing I thought at the end was "Aw, Peter's on Dad's side and Papa's out in the cold." I have obviously been reading too many Super-Family fics :P I'll leave you with Deadpool lightening the mood instead.

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Wed, Feb. 24th, 2016 10:54 pm

Winchesters as fanboys and partial progress in the arc. I can deal with that.

[Oh, boys, so adorable.]
Okay, so two distinct storylines tonight. And I didn’t even mind that the boys took a break from their ongoing search for Amara and Cas because they needed it! Weight of the world on their shoulders.

Loved the Winchesters going all fanboy over the wrestlers. Well, Dean at least. Sammy being all infatuated with Rio was sweet, too. I like when we get some glimpses of their childhood, what they liked and what positive influence John might have had on them, even if it was few and far between. And the surprise cameo by J2’s bodyguard, Clif, was cute. I still think he’s lost a whole lot of weight in a short amount of time. No more Tiny for him!

Getting back to the plot, I like the touches to old school things. Demon deals and Hellhounds, it’s been a long time since the boys’ lives were as simple as that. I’m still unclear why Gunnar’s demon guy wanted him to kill those specific people. The Hangman and the drunk father, I didn’t see any reason for their deaths other than the demon didn’t like them. Or maybe I missed the explanation. Plucking the spark of life from them, harvesting their souls with no care as to who the victim was, maybe I’m trying to see some deeper meaning that doesn’t exist. But at least the whole thing over Gunnar redeeming himself and then facing up to the Hellhounds re-energized Dean. Or made him fatalistic. They’re going to win or die trying.

Over to Hell, that was some fantastic twists and turns. After Cas humiliated Crowley, I was all fired up and supportive when Crowley got broken out by his minion and came back to his senses. Crowley’s back! And he’s got a follower on his side! Or not, boo. So much double-crossing between demons. What we learned from this exchange was that the Hand of God objects are one-shot, which Crowley had to learn the hard way, and that Lucifer!Cas is going to be doubly ticked off when he finds Crowley again. I do wonder how many other prizes Crowley had stashed in his lock-up, and what Lucifer!Cas might do with them. And how Crowley’s going to manage to keep alive on his own, or if he’s going to pull another “enemy of my enemy is my ally” thing with the Winchesters. They all want to kill the Darkness and Lucifer!Cas, so they’re working towards a common goal.

I forgot about March Madness, so I wasn’t ready for the month-long hiatus. Hope I don’t forget the plot between now and then. The thoughts of Dean pretending to be a wrestler will keep me happy in the meantime.

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Sat, Feb. 20th, 2016 10:31 pm

I took a break from law school work yesterday and went to see Deadpool (and did my usual post-movie Outback dinner). As I mentioned on Twitter, Ryan Reynolds did him right :D

[Antiheroes are my love]
Deadpool is an antihero you just have to love. Like Red Hood, you have to respect a man who has to take justice into his own hands to get things done. The amount of meta and breaking the fourth wall jokes in this movie made it a winner. I know Ryan Reynolds spent many years fighting to be able to bring the character to the screen and it paid off in spades. You could tell he was having fun with everything and that he was determined to do justice to all things Deadpool. I liked that he made fun of himself, Jackman, and the X-Men overall :) I see that he and Cable will pair up in the next one (which might be an X-Force movie versus Deadpool 2?) At any rate, I loved it and could have watched two more hours of Deadpool :D

In celebration of the movie, I downloaded all my Deadpool digital comics to my tablet again so I can re-read...you know, when I have a break in between writing this law paper :P

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Thu, Feb. 18th, 2016 12:27 am

We got a time travel storyline with Dean versus a Lucifer!Cas storyline with Sam. Guess which one I was most interested in.

You might be surprised!Collapse )

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Sat, Feb. 13th, 2016 10:35 pm

It has been a weekend of technical issues, it seems.

Thursday: I learned that my email was spoofed, so if you get any emails that look like they're from me (but not my email address), then that's what it is. I've changed my password, just in case. I ran my malware scans just in case, too, but all my systems are clean. Hopefully it's just a temporary occurrence and will go away soon.

Friday: I contacted Amazon on Tuesday because my Kindle Fire 7HD (2012) was imploding. My battery kept cycling on and off when plugged in, with the warning popping up, and then the system lost the carousel / apps access, so I couldn't do anything. It was suggested I do a factory reset, which I really didn't want to do considering I had 10GB of content downloaded on there, but there was no other option. I also couldn't do it while on the phone with the representative, since I had to charge up to 40% and that would take all night. A factory reset the next day seemed to fix the problem, or so I thought. Alas, the battery still wouldn't charge when plugged in, so I contacted them again and they offered me a $10 discount on the cheapest Fire (they first offered on the most expensive one, but I just need something for email / net / comic reading while in bed and around the house). So, I've got a new tablet coming tomorrow and it only cost me $30. Not bad. Also got the collected editions of the Hawkeye comic since I wanted to read them when I got an accessible tablet again.

Saturday: I (foolishly) thought I could run through the set-up of Windows 10 on my PC to try it out before installing on my laptop. The download itself took me from 9AM to 6PM because I kept hitting "not enough memory, please delete some programs" warnings. Round and round we went. I finally got far enough in that I could install the back-up copy on the external hard drive and the download finished. I've got the installation set for 9AM tomorrow morning. Here's hoping that a) it doesn't take all day to install and b) it doesn't completely break the computer. I also got the idea to upload my Calibre library to my Box account while I was on the PC anyway. That's still uploading because I didn't realize I had over 2GB of fanfiction, books, and comics on there. But at least if I get it into the cloud I can set up access from anywhere. Bright side?

So, tomorrow I get to play with my shiny new tablet and get that set up...if I finish my law class research on schedule. It's a never-ending process on that front. Fair use and fandom is a tricky area, especially in law research.

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