November 5th, 2016

Still the Ones

Spending Friday Night With Obama

Well, this was quite a whirlwind Friday! Thanks to a lovely offer from a dGeek friend, I got two VIP tickets to the Hillary Clinton rally that would feature President Obama in Charlotte, so my coworker and I went down. We thought we might get seats up front. Instead, we were sat 50 feet behind the President on the stage!

He is such an amazing speaker, and so relaxed as he's talking. It's like a conversation instead of a speech, and at times it hit me that the President was just a few feet from me! Amazing!

[More Obama Pics]

I found the YouTube livestream that shows us coming in. I'm in the dark blue shirt coming in 7:25 to 7:50.

A Friday night with Obama. Once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! (And thanks to my coworker who was in charge of picture-taking. My phone died.)
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