April 1st, 2017

Still the Ones

Vacation Preparation!

It's April, which means my schedule for events is ramping up. This month I have to go to Vegas to present my thesis research plus celebrate my Daddy / Momma / my birthdays and my parents' anniversary, May is my official graduation, and June is my official post-graduation vacation trip that's been in preparation for a long time now.

[My Travel Adventure]
I'm going on a two-week Canada / Alaska combo train and cruise trip with no internet or cellphone - just enjoying the lovely sights. A brief overview:

  • Two days in Toronto (where I'm hoping to hit the few remaining places I haven't managed to get to yet...but sadly no Hard Rock visit since they're closing down in May....noooo!)

  • Four days on the Via Rail Canadian across Canada stopping at Winnipeg and Jasper (never been on a train before or anywhere in Canada outside Toronto...adventure!)

  • Two days in Vancouver (still trying to find some must-see places since the visitor bureau refuses to send their brochure for free anymore, boo)

  • Eight days on my first cruise ever, going through the Inside Passage and stopping at Juneau (where I'm going to the top of Mendenhall Glacier), Skagway (where I'm taking a trip up to the Yukon on the famous White Pass Rail to see Iditarod sled dogs and learn about mountie history at the museum), and Ketchkan (where I'll likely see the famous lumberjack show)

And to record my journey, I'll be using my first ever Traveler's Notebook thanks to a Reddit Gift Exchange. Does anyone else have one (or had one in the past)? I've never owned a refillable leather journal, but I'm looking forward to trying it. I've been cutting up tourist brochures to prepare scrapbooking pictures so I can record each location when I'm there :) And I'm hoping, once I return, I'll keep using it for an everday-carry. Jumped right into following Traveler's Notebook communities on Facebook and crafting people are really inspired.

Very excited about my trip! I'm slightly fearful something will go wrong because I'm so excited...it's my pessimistic nature :P
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