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Good Job, DVR!

While my DVR continues to miss episodes of shows that have CKR guest starring (perhaps because he's not listed in the main guide?), it's finally learned that Hugh Dillion  = Flashpoint, so I'm doing daily re-watches of that. I always liked it when it first aired, though I keep forgetting it's set in Toronto until a random landmark or constable pops up ;) Surprise!Canada!

I wanted to send out a thanks to those who have filled out my Fan Creators' Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey so far. I'm hopeful that I'll reach my intended survey sample within the next two weeks. If anyone hasn't filled it out thus far, feel free! Or if you can pimp it to your own journals or social media locations, that would be most welcome.

And I was very sad to see that Gene Wilder passed away today. He was a great comedic actor and I adored pretty much every one of his movies, especially when he played with Richard Pryor (I have a soft spot for See No Evil, Hear No Evil). Always will stop and rewatch Willy Wonka or Young Frankenstein whenever they're on. The world was greater for having him in it. A sad loss.
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