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I Am Full Up On Frustration

I have been on a home improvement kick with Lowes this year and perhaps I should take a lesson that it's a bad idea, since every single installation has been problematic.

First up, I had all the windows in my house replaced over the summer. First installer came out, then walked off the job after 15 minutes because he didn't do that type of work. One month later, I finally got a second installer to come out and while he did a great job, he turned what was promised to be a one day install into a three day install (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday - meaning I had to take extra time off work).

That was paid off, so next up I replaced all my exterior doors (front, side, and French double doors). The install was scheduled today (after trying to get them to call me with an install date for three weeks), with a race against the hurricane / tropical storm. I will give them props that they worked non-stop from 10AM to after 6PM and got the doors and storm doors installed with interior wrap. However, first of all the guy lost my front and side door keys and tried to tell me "since they're all keyed the same, they probably only give you one set." No, I bought three locks in three separate packages, all of which had a set of keys in them. So he had to go dig through the trash to find the two sets he lost. Then, after they left, I discovered that they didn't wrap the exterior of the French door like they were supposed to, so it's just exposed wood against the siding. I shoudl have gone over the entire exterior of the house in the dark I guess so I could have caught it before they walked out, but I was so focused on the lost keys that I didn't. I've emailed my Lowes contact in hopes he can get the matter resolved soon. [Then spent almost 2 hours cleaning up after them and trying to get the glue off my French door windows.]

All of these foul-ups are not giving me high hopes that my next (and final) exterior project of replacing all my vinyl siding is going to go much better. And considering that's a huge chunk of change, I do not want to have to go through hassle after hassle just to get it done. I don't understand it. I want to give them money, so you'd think they would want to get things working right and smoothly. We shall see how long it takes to get the door wrap done, because it has to be done. Grrr, frustration :/

Then I emailed Amazon just to let them know my Echo still won't play CBC Radio 2 on TuneIn, even though it works online and in the Android app. They called me...and thanked me for calling them. I didn't call you! Lady on the phone couldn't understand what I was trying to play, then she wanted me to unplug my Echo and plug it back in, to no avail. Then she said just play it through the Echo app. Um, no, that doesn't work because I tried that already. Plus, the whole point of my Echo is hands-free control. She put me on hold so she could try it. Meanwhile, another customer support person answered my email and said the developers are aware of the issue and were working on it. Phone lady comes back and says the station's working for her, but the developers know it's a problem and are working on it. One, how is it working for you, yet you know it's a problem? Two, why are you talking to me on the phone when I emailed and already got a response from someone else, who told me the exact same thing?

The frustration was so much after today that I broke down and drank a Pepsi, first time in two weeks. Still sticking with the calorie count and increased exercise, but sometimes you need a drink :) I'm hoping tomorrow is better, with less frustrating people.
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