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Searching and Discovering

Had a lovely Labor Day weekend and got to spend Sunday with a good friend :) We were talking about different shows (Due South - adjacent) and it got me to wanting to re-watch Slings & Arrows. Problem is that I think I imagined owning copies of the series? I've searched every location I can think of and have yet to turn up Slings & Arrows. I have, however, turned up copies of Chasing Rainbows (which I have no recollection of watching), apparently one season of Traders (the first I'm guessing, based on the disc art), and a burned copy of Wilby Wonderful (which, yay! I've got the digital version on every device I own at the moment). Still, no Slings & Arrows. And while I'm happy to buy the seasons again (or for the first time if I imagined owning them prior), 18 eps for $50 is a bit much. Shall have to rely on Netflix DVDs for a temporary re-watch I guess.

One more week left for my Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey. Formal reminders will go up in the appropriate communities later this week / weekend. The submissions have slowed down, but I'm still getting a few each day so that the number's edging up. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey so far! Tallying the data and getting the secondary surveys ready will be this coming weekend's project ;)

And finally...

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