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Revisiting Old (Canadian) Favorites

Been kind of a laid-back weekend as I gear up for the next stage of my thesis writing. And trying to figure out if I've got all my pre-Canada trip planning done. My running schedule keeps getting messed up, so I'm doing back-to-back run days now so I'll be done with the program before my trip and can restart after I get back. Weight loss is slow, but steady, so at least I'm seeing something for my actions :P

I've been looking over what's streaming this month on Amazon and Netflix, to see if any Paul Gross or CKR guest starring eps might pop up anew. So far I've re-watched the second season of Californication with CKR (about to watch his 2 other eps where he came back...I don't remember if I watched them when they first aired) and watched Paul's eps of Republic of Doyle (which is a surprisingly good show, not the least of which because I can play Spot the Canadian and see random Gordon Pinsent).

Oh, and I was looking over my AO3 fics today for some reason (I think I stumbled upon one of them when I was searching fandom fics?) Anyway, aside from the fact the archive reconfigured and I had to mark all the fics done again instead of Part 1 of ?, I discovered that I apparently wrote two Due South short-fics back in 2009 where I wanted them to come back to Chicago and keep their relationship a secret? Which, I don't know if I was playing against type or honestly wanted that back then, but it's funny what a couple of years will do. Now, I can't fathom forcing Fraser to come back from Canada after knowing he was home again. Plus, I like to think of Ray making a long-term commitment to Canada.

Okay, back to Sunday night task clean-ups and preparing for the week ahead!
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