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Final Reminder - It's Our Content Now - Fan Vidding Research Survey

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my fanvid research survey thus far! I wanted to send out a final reminder in case you were interested, but haven't had a chance to complete the survey yet.

The survey closes at 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, September 13th. Please be sure to fill out the survey before the closing date if you are interested in participating.

Brief Blurb: I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary.

Full Research Details: You can find the details of the study in my original Livejournal post.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through my official UNC-Chapel Hill email address ( or my fandom email address (

Survey Link:

Thank you!
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