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Counting Down

Trying to get all my tasks done before I leave for Canada. Today I was intending to pre-pack, but then got working on my thesis infographics and now it's 9PM and the day's done ;) On the upside, I got draft of five of them done and I am shooting for the other four done this week. That way I can just review the follow-up information while I'm away and integrate all that data when I return. (BTW: Thanks to everyone who took part in the initial survey and those that are doing the follow-up surveys now.) I feel like my need to have an even number of pages in my thesis is going to eventually aggravate me, but for now my rough draft is looking good!

My doors are FINALLY done, after having to wait three weeks and a missed appointment for them to come back and wrap the door they forgot to do when they came out over Labor Day. With that out of the way, and the last payment supposed to go through next month, I can focus on what is hopefully my last outdoor fix - vinyl siding. The house will look much better once the old siding is replaced, and it'll show off the new windows and doors better.

Before I got wrapped up in thesis stuff, I had to sit through an hour of Windows 10 updating on my laptop (thank goodness my PC had already done that yesterday). And then when I was trying to clean my fish tank the pump gave out. It's been a yearly occurrence of having to replace what is supposed to last "many years" and has a "lifetime warranty." I wrote Aqueon yet again to complain, but went ahead and ordered a replacement from Amazon in the meantime. Periodically checking on the fish to make sure they're okay until it arrives :(

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday! Talk to you soon!
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