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SPN - Keep Calm And Carry On

Umm...I'm back from Canada? And catching up, but as per usual it's Supernatural review time :) Perhaps I'll actually get the Canada pictures and visit summary written up sometime, eh?


The Winchesters, they take a beating and keep on fighting....[even the dead ones.]
I am very much looking forward to the evolving issues that will surround Mary's return. Here you have a woman who a) escaped the life of hunting and didn't want her sons to grow up in such an environment, b) left behind a family that changed dramatically in her absence, c) has returned from the dead after 33 years so she's having to deal with the multiple changes in society, and d) is faced with a son (and soon two sons) who have grown up to be their own men and are nothing like the children she left behind. It's a lot to take in.

And not only that, but Dean's having to work through all these emotions as well. He's got this idolized vision of his mother, seen through a four year old's eyes (with touches from other instances where he's interacted with Mary during time travel). But in the end he's going to have to deal with the reality of Mary versus the memory of her, and it's not going to be the same. Just as she's having to learn who her sons are, Dean's going to have to learn who his mother is. Sammy, I think, will have an easier time of it? Because she's always just been a memory for him, but Mary's touched Dean's life in many ways, and it'll be interesting to see how that all comes about. [And I did love hearing Dean recall Mary and John's first meeting.]

Then we have poor Sammy being tied up, shot, and tortured by Toni. Dean is going to raise a whole lot of destruction once he gets his hands on her. But Sam's trying to hold up the best way he knows how. Cold water, burned feet, and then mental torture. It was hard to watch, but Sam's a strong one. He's just got to hold on long enough for his brother to get there.

Cas and Crowley were...there? Pretty much a warm-up for both of them, getting ready for the new season's storylines. Next week, I can foresee more involvement of both (especially Crowley , with Lucifer's new vessel). Cas does seem more angry and ready to beat people up, though. I can appreciate this turn of events ;)

Favorite part of the episode? Hard to choose, but I have to say that Mary fawning over Baby and Dean slowly realizing that the emotional reconnection had evolved into Mary recalling all the sex she used to have in that car. Hilarious! That car has seen plenty of action from all the Winchesters in her lifetime.

And even though she never wanted it for her kids, the Winchesters can never escape the hunt. They have to keep fighting, keep hunting. It’s in their blood. There is no happiness, just survival. It's the Winchester way.

Ah, Season 12. Off to a good start!
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