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This is actually two weeks overdue because of travel / thesis work (and has been a year in the making). I wanted to officially announce that I’m now represented by Jen Corkill Hunt of the Booker Albert Literary Agency. She will be handling my Heaven and Hell Alike series, as well as potentially other works.

As many of you know, Heaven and Hell Alike was the first book I ever wrote and it deals with the relationship between a male demon (Liam) and a male angel (Mikael). Those two characters have always held a special place in my heart and I always like spending time with them. Which is advantageous because I’m actually working on a prequel novel at the moment, which is intended to become Book One of the series when it’s finally put out on submission. This is a double-edged sword when it comes to writing. On the one hand, I get to expand into all those little clues I put into Heaven and Hell Alike as to how Liam and Mikael’s relationship began. This has also opened the door into some revelations that I didn’t know about how intertwined they actually are, which has been fun. On the other hand, I set up their history to be very defined in terms of timeline, so writing a prequel means I’m doing historical writing and that’s an adventure unto itself :) But I love Liam and Mikael and I love that someone else recognizes the potential for their ongoing plotlines as much as I do.

So, that’s my current writing project at the moment (in between thesis writing). The demon, the angel, and I will be together for a while and Jen will be helping me share their story with the larger market. Very happy for the adventure to come!

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