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SPN 12.4 - American Nigtmare

Old school connections and some twists thrown in for good measure.
[How will it all tie together?]
I was hopeful that, with the callbacks to the special children, that maybe Sam's powers would be returning. Alas, it was not to be. Instead, he met another gifted young girl and tried to help her deal with her plight. While it was touching, I still miss powered-up Sammy. Oh well. At least he got really jazzed up over what he thought was a daughter's death and her mother's apparent disregard for what happened.

It was a good intertwining of religious control and powers. Really liked the use of the stigmata, and the fact that there was more to this than meets the eye. The deaths were not done out of malice, but instead out of a need to seek out a connection. And Magda has been so brainwashed by her mother that she thinks she is really evil for the acts she's caused. I liked that the reasons behind the family's disconnection from the world, the changes that they went through and the accident and everything, were all well-connected and made sense.

And I liked that Dean is still working through Mary's departure and trying to reach out to her, despite feeling betrayed. Abandonment and Dean Winchester are well-aquainted. Kudos to Sammy for attempting to help Dean work through it, though. It took him a while, but Dean finally gets that time away from them doesn't mean Mary doesn't love them. And her message to him didn't hurt either. They can be a family again, but right now they just need to let Mary find her place in the world.

At least they know about Vince now, though they both seemed to know him by reputation before the whole Lucifer possession thing. Loved that Sam was a hidden fan, much to Dean's displeasure. I'm not sure if he's out of that vessel now or if Lucifer will use his previously-seen power to restore Vince to his former self. We can use Rick Springfield for a couple more eps, right? But they don't yet know about Mr. Ketch, and that's going to be an interesting discovery indeed. They think Lucifer's going to be their big bad to deal with, but Mr. Ketch is going around cleaning up their messes by killing those that they saved. Oh, boys, your lives are never simple.

And now some petty reveling. I really like when the boys play dress-up, especially when they're priests :) It's been so long! And not only did they go through one undercover identity, but three (although one was the typical FBI attire). Clerical collars and suits and comfy sweaters, oh my! I miss when the boys would go through the different outfits on a case. Somewhere, Dean still has the ranger uniform "just in case." :)

Good episode overall. And you can see all the pieces slowly coming together, with an explosion surely on the horizon.
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