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SPN - The One You've Been Waiting For

Revisiting old friends and old enemies tonight. And having a wrap-up that Dean is never going to let anyone forget.

[Short Thoughts]
Good to see them returning to the Thules again, since that storyline isn't dead (and still isn't by the end of this episode). I will admit that, any other show saying "yeah, we're going to try to resurrect Hitler" would be seen as a joke. On SPN, we just accept it as something that could possibly happen in the world of the Winchesters. Because crazy things like this happen to them ALL THE TIME.

I kept getting confused by the family connections (grandfather, father, son) on the watch, but I did like that Ellie was connected through the blood ties and that they only wanted to use her for that purpose. Plus, I really liked the embodiment of Hitler, with his crazy insanity just shining through. And the fact that we checked in with Adam Rose again, still carrying on his grandfather's legacy over in Germany. Go him!

At least the case gave Dean something to focus on, pushing aside his still-evolving acceptance of Mary's decision. And while he didn't get to use the grenade launcher (yet), he did get to kill Hitler. Earns him bragging rights for the rest of his life! And he's sure to pull it out and remind Sam at the most inopportune moments, too :) And with the continuance of the Thule storyline, along with the fact Christoph is still out there somewhere, we might get another return to the organization in the future.

Next week looks exciting, with the guest stars lined up! One more big one before Thanksgiving hiatus.
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