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Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox

Hunters gather to mourn and get in trouble all at once. It's an interesting wake, to be sure.

[Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox]
Interesting reveal of Mary's life post-marriage. We always assumed she gave up hunting to settle down with John, when in actuality she kept getting drawn back in even after Dean was born. I wonder what she told John, to be able to leave him with their son and she could go on a hunt up in Canada. Things to ponder.

Also, we have to consider the effects hunting has on others. Asa Fox was shown what was lurking in the shadows and dedicated his life to saving people, hunting things. Had Mary not saved him, he would have been dead, but had she tried to cover up what actually hurt him, maybe he would have lived on being oblivious and had a semi-normal life. There's no way to know which way it could have gone.

I really loved seeing Jody again, and her interactions with the boys are always a treat. We got a bunch more depth into her life away from the Winchesters in this one, including how she's integrated herself into the hunter community. Interesting, since the Winchesters have never been able to do the same, based on how they were raised. But the hunting community certainly knows about them. They are legends, for better or worse.

Jody's attempts to bridge the gap between Mary and Dean was very nice, and she is one that could well understand what they're going through. And while Mary's not yet ready to come home, they did leave on good terms. Hopefully, when she does finally come back to the bunker, they will be able to have a solid relationship for however long she stays alive. Billie's always there, willing to take her back to Heaven whenever she wants to go. At least she's not ready yet, which I was relieved for. There were doubts in my mind, if only temporarily. Keep Mary alive!

Now we're on Thanksgiving break and will pick up again in December.
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