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Thesis Defense Coming - Good Thoughts Welcome

My thesis defense is tomorrow afternoon. I've been practicing my slideshow multiple times, but I always tend to speak too fast. Public speaking is not my thing - I'd much rather write a long paper to describe my thoughts (hence the reason my thesis is over 100 pages long). I'll be doing more practice runs again tonight in hopes I can convince myself to SLOW DOWN and ENUNCIATE better.

Also been trying to think of possible questions they may ask, so that I can be ready for them. But still, I'm nervous and worried, despite the fact that my entire research is around fandom and I should know this inside and out. Did I do something horribly wrong and they'll point out my entire process was a failure? I wouldn't think so, but that's where my mind's at right now.

Crossed fingers that come tomorrow night all I'll have to think about is how much food I'll be eating at Thanksgiving :) Also, since it's been 2 1/2 years in the making (and I have never gotten to do it), if the defense goes well and I can celebrate I shall be going to Sugarland and getting a cupcake.

Good thoughts are welcome. Positive vibes are, too.
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