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SPN - Rock Never Dies

Loving the special effects of Lucifer this season. Plus, Rick Springfield. Cannot go wrong.

[Rock Never Dies]
The devil worshipers and their broken-down rituals sure were in for a surprise. Lucifer is in a bad situation, looking horrible after Rowena's curse. Interesting that the fossilized feather from Lucifer's wing helped bring him back to full health, though. I wonder if there are other such artifacts around the world, ready to be brought out when needed. That is, if vessels are in short supply.

Meanwhile, the Fearsome Four are on the hunt for him. Of course we got the obligatory check-in with Mary (even if it's Dean playing Words with Friends with her :) And the duo of Cas and Crowley are just an odd couple that's bound for confusing adventures. Bringing the angel, the demon, and the brothers to LA sounds like a set-up to a bad joke, and we got a few of those as well. Though I didn't mind the snarky brotherly banter on the drive. And Cas had some great snarky lines in the episode, too. “At least I don’t look like a lumberjack.” Oh, Cas, don't make me like you :P

I actually don't know what Kadeem Hardison's character name was, but I don't care because...Dwayne Wayne! Also liked that he and Crowley have an arrangement over the acquisition of souls. I've played alot within that framework in my books. And of course it makes perfect sense. Kadeem gets riches, Crowley gets souls, and the world gets musicians...both bad and good. Vince fulfills that role perfectly. All those old fans want to see their favorite band back, so ride that nostalgia wave for all its worth.

Lucifer in the vessel of a rock star, especially in the age of social media, holds much potential. He can bend and manipulate his followers, playing up the hype without actually doing what he is supposed to be famous for - singing. It’s not about the music. It’s about being talked about, put on a pedestal. And he holds very much control over those who seek to follow him. Poor Roseleen Greenfield found that out the hard way. First a tooth, then she marked herself forever by carving Vince's name into her chest. He's just got a way about him, you know?

One by one, everyone around him dies or leaves. Kadeem stabs himself in the neck, all the band members are killed at Lucifer's hands. He wants to be adored, but he also doesn't want to be left behind. And it once again comes down to family issues. Lucifer’s bitter that God used him, then abandoned him yet again. And his bitterness is destroying him from the inside out, literally. Goodbye, Rick Springfield. You were a good vessel while we had you around.

When the group was gathering at the end, recalling the events, Crowley was looking horrible. Great make-up, though. He's not gonna be seeing out of that eye for a while. But the group cannot rest for long, as Sam points out. All the deaths at Lucifer's hands are on them. They let Lucifer out, so it’s their responsibility. Fight on!
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