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SPN 12.08 - LOTUS

Interesting way to end the mid-season of SPN. I am hoping two certain someones help out with resolving the mess the Winchesters have gotten themselves into.

[They should have run.]
I would have actually spread this episode out into two, just to give us more time to focus on specific possessions. I wanted to see more of the possessed archbishop. I found his control of the church, how he was able to turn the crosses upside down and cause such devastation to the priests and nuns, to be interesting. They could have followed him for a lot longer before hopping over to the President. Oh well, that's what fanfic is for.

Interesting that Lucifer's trying to hop from one powerful figure to the next. Rock star, business guru, archbishop, and finally the President. He's moving up in the world. Though, again, the power he gained from possessing the President was lost in the quickness of the event, along with the confined nature of the setting. Sure, he was able to procreate, and that might cause a lot more destruction than any political acts, but we had to potential to see him cause tremendous damage before the vessel was used up or released. Instead, though, it was a one-episode event and we're done.

Though, we were left with some loose ends. What will become of Kelly and the baby? If it's allowed to be born, there will be danger to the world and everyone in it. But Kelly doesn't want to kill it. How is that going to be resolved? And Rick's going to be a problem, too, with his control of the Winchesters' fate. They're completely off the grid, locked up so no one can find them. It's up to Mary and perhaps Mr. Ketch to get them out. [I really like Mr. Ketch. He's got style and interesting gadgets. Use him for good!]

So, overall, I felt like we rushed through a lot of events that could have gotten a more in-depth look. And we know the boys will get out of jail somehow. The only real cliffhanger is the baby, but even that doesn't seem immediately pressing. It's a wait and see game for everything. Somehow, the month and a half hiatus won't seem so daunting.
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