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Enjoying The Day

It's turn very frigid around here, though no snow (as I often wish for). I got two new additions to the house, though.

"Collegiate Colors" by Patsy Gullett (UNC-Chapel Hill)

She actually specializes in college work, and I luckily found a UNC-Chapel Hill piece in the thrift store today. It's a 3D piece, though you can't see it well in the picture. Here's her process, from her website:

The first task at hand is to visit the places I want to draw. I create a pen and ink drawing from photos that I take on site. Watercolor is then added to the drawing and it is now ready to print. An x-acto knife is used to hand cut thee layers of my prints to create the unique three-dimensional look of my work. The technique allows me to portray the buildings as they actually exist. Porches stand away from the buildings; steeples and turrets bend to their actual shapes. The buildings come alive.

And I also had to replace / reincarnate my Sam fish :( Those who have seen my old Sam knows he was HUGE - grew from 1 inch to over 8 inches in only a year and a half. He perhaps also overate, gobbling up food from both his brother Dean and the bottom feeder Impala. He died on Christmas Eve. Now I've reincarnated him with a new fish of the same name, who looks tiny against his brother now.

Pretend he's college Sammy :) He's the same size as what original Dean and Sam were, so I expect him to grow into a comparable size over the next year.
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