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What A Deal!

In the middle of my holiday weekend and enjoying it so far. Been streaming some Netflix things and need to go through my DVDs as well. Also, the temperatures are up and down, but at least we're not suffering through an ice storm like some of the country.

Also, I just made a really good deal, thanks to a Best Buy sale. They sent out a $10 gift certificate to email subscribers and I've been debating what to get. I was thinking of picking up another wifi outlet for downstairs, since I love the one I have upstairs on my bedside lamp. However, the ones I like aren't in stock or on sale right now (plus, I don't have a lamp for downstairs yet), so that's a buy for another day. But, I was alerted to the fact that they put their $40 Insignia™ - Portable Wireless Speaker on sale for $9.99. Score! I've been watching bluetooth speakers ever since I got my Dot because I wanted to extend it to listening in the home office or the shower if I'm not in my bedroom, but hadn't yet pulled the trigger on buying anything. Thanks to the gift certificate and sale, though, now I have one for free! I just tested it out and streamed Tragically Hip without a problem. SO GREAT!

PS: While TuneIn has failed to fix their CBC Radio 2 feed, so I can no longer listen to that on the Echo / Dot (listening to Indie 88 instead), CBC Radio has integrated their news broadcast into the flash briefing, so now I have a wonderful stream of weather, CBC News, local news, and CNN when I get ready in the morning. I love that they're constantly adding skills and making improvements. [They also just added "Computer" as a wake word, which should make some fell ST:TNG fans happy....I'm sticking with Alexa myself.]
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