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SPN - First Blood

You know it's a ground-breaking episode when Cas impresses me.

[Go angel, go!]
Okay, I'm still confused and a bit miffed that the boys didn't just run after the whole President thing, but I guess if they did they'd still be hunted and tracked. And we wouldn't have the lovely emotional turmoil of the episode. Rick Sanchez, the aide, and Camp, the superior guy, made quite a dynamic team, and Camp was scary in his understated way. They don't have to torture the boys because silence and darkness for weeks, months, years will do the job for them. I loved seeing Dean marking off the days on the wall, though I knew they had to have something up their sleeves.

The whole sacrificial nature of the Winchesters seems like a family trait. I figured that Dean and Sam made a deal with Billie to appear dead, but I have to wonder how they thought just one of them could die. They've proven again and again that one cannot live without the other, so thinking that one of them would continue the fight was not going to work. Plus, of course Mary would sacrifice herself for her boys. John first, then Mary, their boys will remain safe as long as their parents can make it so.

And Cas, oh Cas. I am often frustrated with him and his purpose, but in this episode he impressed me with his empowered speech. No more Winchesters will die, no more will sacrifice themselves, because the world needs them. And if that means Cas will have to cause cosmic destruction from breaking a blood bond, then he will do it. Oh, Cas.

Finally, the whole British Men of Letters deal. While it's good for business for Mick and Mr. Ketch to help save the Winchesters, I'm sure Mary's team-up will prove problematic for the family. But I am definitely looking forward to more Mr. Ketch. He knows how to tie up loose ends! And looks good doing it ;) It's excitng to think about where that storyline will lead.

And I guess they didn't show a preview for next week? I haven't watched Riverdale yet, but hoping it lives up to the hype. I grew up on Archie comics, so the bar is high.
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