KimberlyFDR (kimberlyfdr) wrote,

Taxes Done, Planning Commences

It seems like every year I spend longer on my taxes for less of a refund. I itemize like crazy, trying to maximize my money back, but it never seems to help. I did my filing earlier than usual this year (on Saturday) and spent a total of 5 hours going through paperwork and filing a whole lot of extra forms.

My refund's a bit less than it was last year, probably because I didn't have a full year of double tuition, but at least the money back will help with my graduation trip planning. I've been trying to find a good vacation to take to celebrate graduating college. Think I've found a good 2-week journey that will cover a few places I've never been and experiences I've never had, but want to get the whole thing booked and guaranteed before I get my hopes up. Just wanna have a good celebration of myself :D

Also, it's very un-February-like weather around NC. Weekends are hovering around 75 degrees, weekdays between 65 and 70 degrees. It's been great to have the windows and doors open, but it feels like we missed winter entirely because of the mild temperatures. Aside from the one snow event in January we haven't had a long trend of cold temperatures or winter weather. Oh well, maybe in 2018.

And I'm making great progress on my novel. Only four more chapters to go before it's editing time! Looking forward to having my agent read it. One thing I love about delving into Liam and Mikael's backstory is the fact that all those nods to their history in the other novel get to be expanded on. And there's some surprises for me when they reveal things I never knew. Ah, my lovely characters. Always taking on a life of their own and leaving me to transcribe.
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