Enjoying The Day

It's turn very frigid around here, though no snow (as I often wish for). I got two new additions to the house, though.

"Collegiate Colors" by Patsy Gullett (UNC-Chapel Hill)

She actually specializes in college work, and I luckily found a UNC-Chapel Hill piece in the thrift store today. It's a 3D piece, though you can't see it well in the picture. Here's her process, from her website:

The first task at hand is to visit the places I want to draw. I create a pen and ink drawing from photos that I take on site. Watercolor is then added to the drawing and it is now ready to print. An x-acto knife is used to hand cut thee layers of my prints to create the unique three-dimensional look of my work. The technique allows me to portray the buildings as they actually exist. Porches stand away from the buildings; steeples and turrets bend to their actual shapes. The buildings come alive.

And I also had to replace / reincarnate my Sam fish :( Those who have seen my old Sam knows he was HUGE - grew from 1 inch to over 8 inches in only a year and a half. He perhaps also overate, gobbling up food from both his brother Dean and the bottom feeder Impala. He died on Christmas Eve. Now I've reincarnated him with a new fish of the same name, who looks tiny against his brother now.

Pretend he's college Sammy :) He's the same size as what original Dean and Sam were, so I expect him to grow into a comparable size over the next year.
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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone's having a lovely Christmas morning. We just finished opening presents, so I took a picture of my collection. Lots of clothes, a few DVDs, and some odds and ends. Gonna set up the Dot upstairs later today to pair with my Echo downstairs :)

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SPN 12.08 - LOTUS

Interesting way to end the mid-season of SPN. I am hoping two certain someones help out with resolving the mess the Winchesters have gotten themselves into.

[They should have run.]
I would have actually spread this episode out into two, just to give us more time to focus on specific possessions. I wanted to see more of the possessed archbishop. I found his control of the church, how he was able to turn the crosses upside down and cause such devastation to the priests and nuns, to be interesting. They could have followed him for a lot longer before hopping over to the President. Oh well, that's what fanfic is for.

Interesting that Lucifer's trying to hop from one powerful figure to the next. Rock star, business guru, archbishop, and finally the President. He's moving up in the world. Though, again, the power he gained from possessing the President was lost in the quickness of the event, along with the confined nature of the setting. Sure, he was able to procreate, and that might cause a lot more destruction than any political acts, but we had to potential to see him cause tremendous damage before the vessel was used up or released. Instead, though, it was a one-episode event and we're done.

Though, we were left with some loose ends. What will become of Kelly and the baby? If it's allowed to be born, there will be danger to the world and everyone in it. But Kelly doesn't want to kill it. How is that going to be resolved? And Rick's going to be a problem, too, with his control of the Winchesters' fate. They're completely off the grid, locked up so no one can find them. It's up to Mary and perhaps Mr. Ketch to get them out. [I really like Mr. Ketch. He's got style and interesting gadgets. Use him for good!]

So, overall, I felt like we rushed through a lot of events that could have gotten a more in-depth look. And we know the boys will get out of jail somehow. The only real cliffhanger is the baby, but even that doesn't seem immediately pressing. It's a wait and see game for everything. Somehow, the month and a half hiatus won't seem so daunting.
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SPN - Rock Never Dies

Loving the special effects of Lucifer this season. Plus, Rick Springfield. Cannot go wrong.

[Rock Never Dies]
The devil worshipers and their broken-down rituals sure were in for a surprise. Lucifer is in a bad situation, looking horrible after Rowena's curse. Interesting that the fossilized feather from Lucifer's wing helped bring him back to full health, though. I wonder if there are other such artifacts around the world, ready to be brought out when needed. That is, if vessels are in short supply.

Meanwhile, the Fearsome Four are on the hunt for him. Of course we got the obligatory check-in with Mary (even if it's Dean playing Words with Friends with her :) And the duo of Cas and Crowley are just an odd couple that's bound for confusing adventures. Bringing the angel, the demon, and the brothers to LA sounds like a set-up to a bad joke, and we got a few of those as well. Though I didn't mind the snarky brotherly banter on the drive. And Cas had some great snarky lines in the episode, too. “At least I don’t look like a lumberjack.” Oh, Cas, don't make me like you :P

I actually don't know what Kadeem Hardison's character name was, but I don't care because...Dwayne Wayne! Also liked that he and Crowley have an arrangement over the acquisition of souls. I've played alot within that framework in my books. And of course it makes perfect sense. Kadeem gets riches, Crowley gets souls, and the world gets musicians...both bad and good. Vince fulfills that role perfectly. All those old fans want to see their favorite band back, so ride that nostalgia wave for all its worth.

Lucifer in the vessel of a rock star, especially in the age of social media, holds much potential. He can bend and manipulate his followers, playing up the hype without actually doing what he is supposed to be famous for - singing. It’s not about the music. It’s about being talked about, put on a pedestal. And he holds very much control over those who seek to follow him. Poor Roseleen Greenfield found that out the hard way. First a tooth, then she marked herself forever by carving Vince's name into her chest. He's just got a way about him, you know?

One by one, everyone around him dies or leaves. Kadeem stabs himself in the neck, all the band members are killed at Lucifer's hands. He wants to be adored, but he also doesn't want to be left behind. And it once again comes down to family issues. Lucifer’s bitter that God used him, then abandoned him yet again. And his bitterness is destroying him from the inside out, literally. Goodbye, Rick Springfield. You were a good vessel while we had you around.

When the group was gathering at the end, recalling the events, Crowley was looking horrible. Great make-up, though. He's not gonna be seeing out of that eye for a while. But the group cannot rest for long, as Sam points out. All the deaths at Lucifer's hands are on them. They let Lucifer out, so it’s their responsibility. Fight on!
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Defense Conquered

It's really great when your defense turns into a conversation about fandom and my experiences within it :) I have some edits to do within the next week, but nothing major. Tonight, per my chair, I am celebrating and not thinking about the thesis.

Post-Defense Celebratory Cupcakes

Ending The Night With Celebratory Wine

Onward to Thanksgiving!
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Thesis Defense Coming - Good Thoughts Welcome

My thesis defense is tomorrow afternoon. I've been practicing my slideshow multiple times, but I always tend to speak too fast. Public speaking is not my thing - I'd much rather write a long paper to describe my thoughts (hence the reason my thesis is over 100 pages long). I'll be doing more practice runs again tonight in hopes I can convince myself to SLOW DOWN and ENUNCIATE better.

Also been trying to think of possible questions they may ask, so that I can be ready for them. But still, I'm nervous and worried, despite the fact that my entire research is around fandom and I should know this inside and out. Did I do something horribly wrong and they'll point out my entire process was a failure? I wouldn't think so, but that's where my mind's at right now.

Crossed fingers that come tomorrow night all I'll have to think about is how much food I'll be eating at Thanksgiving :) Also, since it's been 2 1/2 years in the making (and I have never gotten to do it), if the defense goes well and I can celebrate I shall be going to Sugarland and getting a cupcake.

Good thoughts are welcome. Positive vibes are, too.
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Still the Ones

Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox

Hunters gather to mourn and get in trouble all at once. It's an interesting wake, to be sure.

[Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox]
Interesting reveal of Mary's life post-marriage. We always assumed she gave up hunting to settle down with John, when in actuality she kept getting drawn back in even after Dean was born. I wonder what she told John, to be able to leave him with their son and she could go on a hunt up in Canada. Things to ponder.

Also, we have to consider the effects hunting has on others. Asa Fox was shown what was lurking in the shadows and dedicated his life to saving people, hunting things. Had Mary not saved him, he would have been dead, but had she tried to cover up what actually hurt him, maybe he would have lived on being oblivious and had a semi-normal life. There's no way to know which way it could have gone.

I really loved seeing Jody again, and her interactions with the boys are always a treat. We got a bunch more depth into her life away from the Winchesters in this one, including how she's integrated herself into the hunter community. Interesting, since the Winchesters have never been able to do the same, based on how they were raised. But the hunting community certainly knows about them. They are legends, for better or worse.

Jody's attempts to bridge the gap between Mary and Dean was very nice, and she is one that could well understand what they're going through. And while Mary's not yet ready to come home, they did leave on good terms. Hopefully, when she does finally come back to the bunker, they will be able to have a solid relationship for however long she stays alive. Billie's always there, willing to take her back to Heaven whenever she wants to go. At least she's not ready yet, which I was relieved for. There were doubts in my mind, if only temporarily. Keep Mary alive!

Now we're on Thanksgiving break and will pick up again in December.
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SPN - The One You've Been Waiting For

Revisiting old friends and old enemies tonight. And having a wrap-up that Dean is never going to let anyone forget.

[Short Thoughts]
Good to see them returning to the Thules again, since that storyline isn't dead (and still isn't by the end of this episode). I will admit that, any other show saying "yeah, we're going to try to resurrect Hitler" would be seen as a joke. On SPN, we just accept it as something that could possibly happen in the world of the Winchesters. Because crazy things like this happen to them ALL THE TIME.

I kept getting confused by the family connections (grandfather, father, son) on the watch, but I did like that Ellie was connected through the blood ties and that they only wanted to use her for that purpose. Plus, I really liked the embodiment of Hitler, with his crazy insanity just shining through. And the fact that we checked in with Adam Rose again, still carrying on his grandfather's legacy over in Germany. Go him!

At least the case gave Dean something to focus on, pushing aside his still-evolving acceptance of Mary's decision. And while he didn't get to use the grenade launcher (yet), he did get to kill Hitler. Earns him bragging rights for the rest of his life! And he's sure to pull it out and remind Sam at the most inopportune moments, too :) And with the continuance of the Thule storyline, along with the fact Christoph is still out there somewhere, we might get another return to the organization in the future.

Next week looks exciting, with the guest stars lined up! One more big one before Thanksgiving hiatus.
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Spending Friday Night With Obama

Well, this was quite a whirlwind Friday! Thanks to a lovely offer from a dGeek friend, I got two VIP tickets to the Hillary Clinton rally that would feature President Obama in Charlotte, so my coworker and I went down. We thought we might get seats up front. Instead, we were sat 50 feet behind the President on the stage!

He is such an amazing speaker, and so relaxed as he's talking. It's like a conversation instead of a speech, and at times it hit me that the President was just a few feet from me! Amazing!

[More Obama Pics]

I found the YouTube livestream that shows us coming in. I'm in the dark blue shirt coming in 7:25 to 7:50.

A Friday night with Obama. Once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! (And thanks to my coworker who was in charge of picture-taking. My phone died.)
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SPN 12.4 - American Nigtmare

Old school connections and some twists thrown in for good measure.
[How will it all tie together?]
I was hopeful that, with the callbacks to the special children, that maybe Sam's powers would be returning. Alas, it was not to be. Instead, he met another gifted young girl and tried to help her deal with her plight. While it was touching, I still miss powered-up Sammy. Oh well. At least he got really jazzed up over what he thought was a daughter's death and her mother's apparent disregard for what happened.

It was a good intertwining of religious control and powers. Really liked the use of the stigmata, and the fact that there was more to this than meets the eye. The deaths were not done out of malice, but instead out of a need to seek out a connection. And Magda has been so brainwashed by her mother that she thinks she is really evil for the acts she's caused. I liked that the reasons behind the family's disconnection from the world, the changes that they went through and the accident and everything, were all well-connected and made sense.

And I liked that Dean is still working through Mary's departure and trying to reach out to her, despite feeling betrayed. Abandonment and Dean Winchester are well-aquainted. Kudos to Sammy for attempting to help Dean work through it, though. It took him a while, but Dean finally gets that time away from them doesn't mean Mary doesn't love them. And her message to him didn't hurt either. They can be a family again, but right now they just need to let Mary find her place in the world.

At least they know about Vince now, though they both seemed to know him by reputation before the whole Lucifer possession thing. Loved that Sam was a hidden fan, much to Dean's displeasure. I'm not sure if he's out of that vessel now or if Lucifer will use his previously-seen power to restore Vince to his former self. We can use Rick Springfield for a couple more eps, right? But they don't yet know about Mr. Ketch, and that's going to be an interesting discovery indeed. They think Lucifer's going to be their big bad to deal with, but Mr. Ketch is going around cleaning up their messes by killing those that they saved. Oh, boys, your lives are never simple.

And now some petty reveling. I really like when the boys play dress-up, especially when they're priests :) It's been so long! And not only did they go through one undercover identity, but three (although one was the typical FBI attire). Clerical collars and suits and comfy sweaters, oh my! I miss when the boys would go through the different outfits on a case. Somewhere, Dean still has the ranger uniform "just in case." :)

Good episode overall. And you can see all the pieces slowly coming together, with an explosion surely on the horizon.
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