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SPN 12.3 - The Foundry

The ups and downs of the Winchester family. We are always along for the ride.

[Family hunting trips should go on forever.]
Well, that was unexpectedly emotional. Before getting to the "rip my heart out" bit, let's focus on the case itself. It was almost a throwback in its simplicity, which I guess was kind of the point. The boys have seen so many challenges and complications that they sometimes overlook the simple solution to go for the more complicated one. This one hit a bit closer to home than they thought, though. An abandoned house, the lure of a crying baby, creepy dolls, and child ghosts. Old school hunt!

I do like seeing the things Mary has to go through, trying to adjust to the world around her and not quite handling it. She knows hunting, she's good at that, but even hunting has changed since she died. No more door to door canvasing to find out information. Instead, give Sammy a few minutes and he can hack into police databases and read about old cases in newspaper reports. And the man she knew and loved turned into a hardened hunter in her absence. It's a lot to take in. And while Dean is denying that there is anything wrong, Sam can see the signs. He's pushed down his issues and buried himself in hunting many times before, which is what Mary's doing now.

And her attempts to push aside her issues takes them to Minnesota on a family hunting trip. I wish those knds of adventures could go on forever. Sammy's regulated to the backseat while Mary cranks the tunes. They're so related and so adorable. And their three-pronged FBI attack wasn't half bad either. Quite an interesting case, to have the victims freeze to death and be marked by a handprint. And then the fear that Mary's going to die, too, because she was marked. But things are not so simple. The flashbacks and memories are too much. She remembers the world as it was. John was a loving father, Sammy was a baby, and Dean was a little boy. Every time she looks at them now, as much as she loves them, it just reminds her of what's changed. And that's why she had to leave, to take some time for herself, even if it caused terrible pain for Sam and Dean in the process.

Meanwhile, Lucifer's in Cleveland and Cas is following a lead in hopes he can track down Vince. The man healed his disabled sister, though he was cold doing it, so maybe there's a little bit of Vince in there somewhere? Though Cas is really not a good undercover agent, though he tried to learn the ropes based on Dean and Sam's approches to hunting. And he has a new buddy to help out on the case, one who is likely to stab him in the back when things get tight. Crowley is willing to team up when it suits his needs, when others are working towards a common goal. So is Rowena, actually. Like mother, like son. She certainly did a number on Vince, speeding up the decomposition and banishing him. As an aside, I am really loving the visual effects on Lucifer this season. Good job! And I wonder what body Lucifer might show up in next time. We're in for some great adventures, I bet.

Season 12 is rocking so far!
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This is actually two weeks overdue because of travel / thesis work (and has been a year in the making). I wanted to officially announce that I’m now represented by Jen Corkill Hunt of the Booker Albert Literary Agency. She will be handling my Heaven and Hell Alike series, as well as potentially other works.

As many of you know, Heaven and Hell Alike was the first book I ever wrote and it deals with the relationship between a male demon (Liam) and a male angel (Mikael). Those two characters have always held a special place in my heart and I always like spending time with them. Which is advantageous because I’m actually working on a prequel novel at the moment, which is intended to become Book One of the series when it’s finally put out on submission. This is a double-edged sword when it comes to writing. On the one hand, I get to expand into all those little clues I put into Heaven and Hell Alike as to how Liam and Mikael’s relationship began. This has also opened the door into some revelations that I didn’t know about how intertwined they actually are, which has been fun. On the other hand, I set up their history to be very defined in terms of timeline, so writing a prequel means I’m doing historical writing and that’s an adventure unto itself :) But I love Liam and Mikael and I love that someone else recognizes the potential for their ongoing plotlines as much as I do.

So, that’s my current writing project at the moment (in between thesis writing). The demon, the angel, and I will be together for a while and Jen will be helping me share their story with the larger market. Very happy for the adventure to come!

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SPN 12.2 Mamma Mia

Dean and Sammy and Mary, oh my!

[They are a great family.]
The beginning, with Sam in be with Toni, was good visuals but we all knew it was a hallucination. Poor Sammy's gone through so many of those mindgames in his life, and the hits just keep coming. And he's soon to be faced with another mindgame when his dead mother shows up to rescue him. Though she's wary of what that reunion might be like. She was responsible for their life of tragedy, she left the Yellow-Eyed Demon in and allowed Sam to be tainted. Can he forgive her for that?

The dynamic between Dean and Mary is ever-evolving, but I like that they're having to find their way around one another. These are two people who knew each other when they were in different places in their lives. Dean is no longer the four year old with bright eyes and all the possibilities in front of him. And Mary is no longer the idealized mother figure who can do no wrong. They are hunters, through and through, and more alike than they might realize. I did adore when Mary broke out the "good talk" just like Dean always does :)

Mary's also got to learn who John became, because he was not the man she left behind. Sure, when their life was demon-free he might have been a great father, but once Mary passed away things became more complicated. He tried to be a good father, but he was a soldier first and made his kids follow that lead. Having Sammy provide his journal to her can help fill in the blanks of all the things she missed in life. Not sure that John's journal will reveal much in the way of their kids' first kisses or first dates, but it will help Mary understand who her family is now. And maybe her kids can learn who their mother was, too. In theory they know she was a hunter, but seeing her in action can help them understand that better. She's a mighty fine hunter and Dean will have to learn that she can take care of herself, even if he wants to protect her at all times.

The Winchesters don't even know about the whole Lucifer situation, but there is rich potential there, too. Rowena and Crowley working together, then like clockwork the betrayal that is their habit. And we have Lucifer in a brand new Rick Springfield vessel. Lucifer always knows how to get at the heart of a grieving man in order to get permission to use them. And Vince has all kinds of possibilities of pure reveling, based on what he's done thus far. The melting of his face with the acid was great visual effects, as was him spreading his wings, but the fact he can heal himself and put sheer terror into Crowley means he's going to be jazzed up for a rematch. And with Rowena as a prisoner he's got great assets at his disposal.

And the Men of Letters of London aren't through with the Winchesters yet, either. We got a tease of Mr. Ketch, but you can already tell he's going to be bad news. He's a cleaner, with no morals it seems. Get a job, finish the job, the end. I hope Dean, Sam, and Mary can take him on without getting into more trouble, though I'm sure that's a given. Going to be interesting to see how it all transpires!

Family love, family dynamics, family strength. Go Winchesters!
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SPN - Keep Calm And Carry On

Umm...I'm back from Canada? And catching up, but as per usual it's Supernatural review time :) Perhaps I'll actually get the Canada pictures and visit summary written up sometime, eh?


The Winchesters, they take a beating and keep on fighting....[even the dead ones.]
I am very much looking forward to the evolving issues that will surround Mary's return. Here you have a woman who a) escaped the life of hunting and didn't want her sons to grow up in such an environment, b) left behind a family that changed dramatically in her absence, c) has returned from the dead after 33 years so she's having to deal with the multiple changes in society, and d) is faced with a son (and soon two sons) who have grown up to be their own men and are nothing like the children she left behind. It's a lot to take in.

And not only that, but Dean's having to work through all these emotions as well. He's got this idolized vision of his mother, seen through a four year old's eyes (with touches from other instances where he's interacted with Mary during time travel). But in the end he's going to have to deal with the reality of Mary versus the memory of her, and it's not going to be the same. Just as she's having to learn who her sons are, Dean's going to have to learn who his mother is. Sammy, I think, will have an easier time of it? Because she's always just been a memory for him, but Mary's touched Dean's life in many ways, and it'll be interesting to see how that all comes about. [And I did love hearing Dean recall Mary and John's first meeting.]

Then we have poor Sammy being tied up, shot, and tortured by Toni. Dean is going to raise a whole lot of destruction once he gets his hands on her. But Sam's trying to hold up the best way he knows how. Cold water, burned feet, and then mental torture. It was hard to watch, but Sam's a strong one. He's just got to hold on long enough for his brother to get there.

Cas and Crowley were...there? Pretty much a warm-up for both of them, getting ready for the new season's storylines. Next week, I can foresee more involvement of both (especially Crowley , with Lucifer's new vessel). Cas does seem more angry and ready to beat people up, though. I can appreciate this turn of events ;)

Favorite part of the episode? Hard to choose, but I have to say that Mary fawning over Baby and Dean slowly realizing that the emotional reconnection had evolved into Mary recalling all the sex she used to have in that car. Hilarious! That car has seen plenty of action from all the Winchesters in her lifetime.

And even though she never wanted it for her kids, the Winchesters can never escape the hunt. They have to keep fighting, keep hunting. It’s in their blood. There is no happiness, just survival. It's the Winchester way.

Ah, Season 12. Off to a good start!
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Counting Down

Trying to get all my tasks done before I leave for Canada. Today I was intending to pre-pack, but then got working on my thesis infographics and now it's 9PM and the day's done ;) On the upside, I got draft of five of them done and I am shooting for the other four done this week. That way I can just review the follow-up information while I'm away and integrate all that data when I return. (BTW: Thanks to everyone who took part in the initial survey and those that are doing the follow-up surveys now.) I feel like my need to have an even number of pages in my thesis is going to eventually aggravate me, but for now my rough draft is looking good!

My doors are FINALLY done, after having to wait three weeks and a missed appointment for them to come back and wrap the door they forgot to do when they came out over Labor Day. With that out of the way, and the last payment supposed to go through next month, I can focus on what is hopefully my last outdoor fix - vinyl siding. The house will look much better once the old siding is replaced, and it'll show off the new windows and doors better.

Before I got wrapped up in thesis stuff, I had to sit through an hour of Windows 10 updating on my laptop (thank goodness my PC had already done that yesterday). And then when I was trying to clean my fish tank the pump gave out. It's been a yearly occurrence of having to replace what is supposed to last "many years" and has a "lifetime warranty." I wrote Aqueon yet again to complain, but went ahead and ordered a replacement from Amazon in the meantime. Periodically checking on the fish to make sure they're okay until it arrives :(

Hope everyone's having a nice Sunday! Talk to you soon!
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Final Reminder - It's Our Content Now - Fan Vidding Research Survey

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my fanvid research survey thus far! I wanted to send out a final reminder in case you were interested, but haven't had a chance to complete the survey yet.

The survey closes at 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, September 13th. Please be sure to fill out the survey before the closing date if you are interested in participating.

Brief Blurb: I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary.

Full Research Details: You can find the details of the study in my original Livejournal post.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through my official UNC-Chapel Hill email address ( or my fandom email address (

Survey Link:

Thank you!
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Revisiting Old (Canadian) Favorites

Been kind of a laid-back weekend as I gear up for the next stage of my thesis writing. And trying to figure out if I've got all my pre-Canada trip planning done. My running schedule keeps getting messed up, so I'm doing back-to-back run days now so I'll be done with the program before my trip and can restart after I get back. Weight loss is slow, but steady, so at least I'm seeing something for my actions :P

I've been looking over what's streaming this month on Amazon and Netflix, to see if any Paul Gross or CKR guest starring eps might pop up anew. So far I've re-watched the second season of Californication with CKR (about to watch his 2 other eps where he came back...I don't remember if I watched them when they first aired) and watched Paul's eps of Republic of Doyle (which is a surprisingly good show, not the least of which because I can play Spot the Canadian and see random Gordon Pinsent).

Oh, and I was looking over my AO3 fics today for some reason (I think I stumbled upon one of them when I was searching fandom fics?) Anyway, aside from the fact the archive reconfigured and I had to mark all the fics done again instead of Part 1 of ?, I discovered that I apparently wrote two Due South short-fics back in 2009 where I wanted them to come back to Chicago and keep their relationship a secret? Which, I don't know if I was playing against type or honestly wanted that back then, but it's funny what a couple of years will do. Now, I can't fathom forcing Fraser to come back from Canada after knowing he was home again. Plus, I like to think of Ray making a long-term commitment to Canada.

Okay, back to Sunday night task clean-ups and preparing for the week ahead!
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Searching and Discovering

Had a lovely Labor Day weekend and got to spend Sunday with a good friend :) We were talking about different shows (Due South - adjacent) and it got me to wanting to re-watch Slings & Arrows. Problem is that I think I imagined owning copies of the series? I've searched every location I can think of and have yet to turn up Slings & Arrows. I have, however, turned up copies of Chasing Rainbows (which I have no recollection of watching), apparently one season of Traders (the first I'm guessing, based on the disc art), and a burned copy of Wilby Wonderful (which, yay! I've got the digital version on every device I own at the moment). Still, no Slings & Arrows. And while I'm happy to buy the seasons again (or for the first time if I imagined owning them prior), 18 eps for $50 is a bit much. Shall have to rely on Netflix DVDs for a temporary re-watch I guess.

One more week left for my Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey. Formal reminders will go up in the appropriate communities later this week / weekend. The submissions have slowed down, but I'm still getting a few each day so that the number's edging up. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey so far! Tallying the data and getting the secondary surveys ready will be this coming weekend's project ;)

And finally...

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I Am Full Up On Frustration

I have been on a home improvement kick with Lowes this year and perhaps I should take a lesson that it's a bad idea, since every single installation has been problematic.

First up, I had all the windows in my house replaced over the summer. First installer came out, then walked off the job after 15 minutes because he didn't do that type of work. One month later, I finally got a second installer to come out and while he did a great job, he turned what was promised to be a one day install into a three day install (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday - meaning I had to take extra time off work).

That was paid off, so next up I replaced all my exterior doors (front, side, and French double doors). The install was scheduled today (after trying to get them to call me with an install date for three weeks), with a race against the hurricane / tropical storm. I will give them props that they worked non-stop from 10AM to after 6PM and got the doors and storm doors installed with interior wrap. However, first of all the guy lost my front and side door keys and tried to tell me "since they're all keyed the same, they probably only give you one set." No, I bought three locks in three separate packages, all of which had a set of keys in them. So he had to go dig through the trash to find the two sets he lost. Then, after they left, I discovered that they didn't wrap the exterior of the French door like they were supposed to, so it's just exposed wood against the siding. I shoudl have gone over the entire exterior of the house in the dark I guess so I could have caught it before they walked out, but I was so focused on the lost keys that I didn't. I've emailed my Lowes contact in hopes he can get the matter resolved soon. [Then spent almost 2 hours cleaning up after them and trying to get the glue off my French door windows.]

All of these foul-ups are not giving me high hopes that my next (and final) exterior project of replacing all my vinyl siding is going to go much better. And considering that's a huge chunk of change, I do not want to have to go through hassle after hassle just to get it done. I don't understand it. I want to give them money, so you'd think they would want to get things working right and smoothly. We shall see how long it takes to get the door wrap done, because it has to be done. Grrr, frustration :/

Then I emailed Amazon just to let them know my Echo still won't play CBC Radio 2 on TuneIn, even though it works online and in the Android app. They called me...and thanked me for calling them. I didn't call you! Lady on the phone couldn't understand what I was trying to play, then she wanted me to unplug my Echo and plug it back in, to no avail. Then she said just play it through the Echo app. Um, no, that doesn't work because I tried that already. Plus, the whole point of my Echo is hands-free control. She put me on hold so she could try it. Meanwhile, another customer support person answered my email and said the developers are aware of the issue and were working on it. Phone lady comes back and says the station's working for her, but the developers know it's a problem and are working on it. One, how is it working for you, yet you know it's a problem? Two, why are you talking to me on the phone when I emailed and already got a response from someone else, who told me the exact same thing?

The frustration was so much after today that I broke down and drank a Pepsi, first time in two weeks. Still sticking with the calorie count and increased exercise, but sometimes you need a drink :) I'm hoping tomorrow is better, with less frustrating people.
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Good Job, DVR!

While my DVR continues to miss episodes of shows that have CKR guest starring (perhaps because he's not listed in the main guide?), it's finally learned that Hugh Dillion  = Flashpoint, so I'm doing daily re-watches of that. I always liked it when it first aired, though I keep forgetting it's set in Toronto until a random landmark or constable pops up ;) Surprise!Canada!

I wanted to send out a thanks to those who have filled out my Fan Creators' Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey so far. I'm hopeful that I'll reach my intended survey sample within the next two weeks. If anyone hasn't filled it out thus far, feel free! Or if you can pimp it to your own journals or social media locations, that would be most welcome.

And I was very sad to see that Gene Wilder passed away today. He was a great comedic actor and I adored pretty much every one of his movies, especially when he played with Richard Pryor (I have a soft spot for See No Evil, Hear No Evil). Always will stop and rewatch Willy Wonka or Young Frankenstein whenever they're on. The world was greater for having him in it. A sad loss.
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