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First of all, thanks for everyone who has filled out my Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling research survey so far. One week in, I'm about 1/3 of the way to my needed statistical sample size. Please feel free to share the announcement with your social media circles. I'll be doing reminders on the various LJ communities and Twitter again this week.

Secondly, I listened to The Tragically Hip's final concert in Kingston last night and it was a moving experience. I was following along on Twitter and it felt like all of Canada was listening / watching along with me. For almost three hours we were all together, all sharing the final goodbye with Gord. He didn't seem to want it to end and neither did we, but I'm so grateful that I was able to listen. Big thanks to CBC radio for broadcasting the concert on their channels. It wasn't just a national concert, it was an international one.

And finally, I had my physical on Friday and my doctor's trying to help me lose the 20lbs that I seem unable to (my BMI's in the slightly overweight range and it has been for years). I'm going to first attempt my former actions that proved successful - calorie count, reduction of sugar, and a return to the Couch to 5K program. I also need to up my workouts from 3 to 5 per week. I'm giving that a go until I leave for Toronto, which would put me at 6 weeks dedicated and completing the entire C25K program on a reduced schedule. If that proves to not make a serious dent in the totals, I'll have to try the Paleo or lower carb options (I actually don't overeat on total carbs according to my tracker, but I know I could reduce it more). 
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It's Our Content Now - Fan Vidding Research Survey Now Open

The IRB approval / exemption just came through today, so it's time to make the survey active! As many of you know, I'm currently completing my thesis for a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in the area of fandom research, specifically fan vidding. I am conducting a 1-month survey within the fan vidder community in regards to fan creators' identification with entertainment media in visual storytelling. There will be an option to take part in a later follow-up survey to expand upon certain answers within the survey, but that is voluntary. I will be posting reminders about the survey on a weekly basis until the close date of September 13th.

I would greatly appreciate if you would redistribute this survey to your social media circles, friendslists, fellow vidders, etc. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the study or the survey. Thank you!


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Title: Fan Creators’ Identification With Entertainment Media In Visual Storytelling

Principal Investigator: Kimberly Lynn Workman

IRB Number: 16-1907 (This submission has been reviewed by the Office of Human Research Ethics and was determined to be exempt from further review according to the regulatory category 2.Survey, interview, public observation under 45 CFR 46.101(b).)

Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this research study is to gather information about fanvidders' engagement in fandom as a result of their fanvids, the vidders' interactions with media owners, the extent to which vidders align their identities with the media they are vidding, and what reactionary steps vidders take when identification with media goes astray.

Overview: You will be asked your opinion about the target areas listed above, as well as completion of a section to self-identify and/or consent for follow-up questions.

Duration: This survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Statement of Confidentiality: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may cease completion at any time and your answers will not be saved until your final submission. You have the option to provide an email address for follow-up questions, but this section is not a requirement for completion of the survey. All data collected from this survey will be reviewed by the principal investigator only, accessible through a password-protected site where all survey data will be stored. The information will be summarized for use in infographics as part of a Masters thesis project, as well as later utilized for academic publication. No identifying information will be used without consent.

Qualifications: In order to participate in this study, you must be a fanvidder above the age of 18. Fanvidders are defined as those who have participated in the act of vidding, creating music videos that combines source content from popular media through video and audio materials and re-purposes it in a new way.

Questions: You are welcome to ask any questions about this research, the study, or the follow-up interview questions at any time. Please contact Kimberly Lynn Workman through her official UNC-Chapel Hill email address ( or her fandom email address (

Survey Link:
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Time Is Ticking Away

I watched Zootopia this afternoon from Netflix. Really cute movie! Liked the shout-outs to other movies and television shows in it. And I kinda want a sequel to see the cop partners fighting crime together as official officers of the law :)

Also, I found out Paul Gross is going to be in the Alias Grace miniseries, which is being co-produced between CBC and Netflix. Not sure what month it's coming out in 2017, since they just started table reads earlier this week (according to his Twitter), but I'll definitely add it to my list. The casting news has been slim thus far, as I only know Paul and Zachary Levi are to be in it, alongside Sarah Polley, and that they're shooting from August 2016 to November 2016 in Toronto. Maybe now that they're filming it'll come with more casting announcements.

I'm in a holding pattern, awaiting email responses from a number of sources. I am trying to be patient, but one of the delays is related to my IRB application still not being reviewed, which means my survey start date is being pushed back again. I had to all worked out so I didn't have to worry about my thesis during the week I'm out of the country, but now I'm going to have to be working on it because of the changed timeline. Frustrating.

And finally, CBC Radio Two Drive has been playing one Tragically Hip record a day (in chronological order) leading up to their Kingston concert on August 20th and I shockingly remember way more songs than I realized. I first heard them in fanvids and it just snowballed from there. See? Fandom is great for exposing us to music we never would have known about before! (Their Kingston concert is being simulcast across CBC television and radio and YouTube, and I plan on listening.)
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Cruising Onward

It's a new month! And as UNC's tuition bill reminded me, time for a new semester (my last!) Been awaiting full university IRB approval on my survey study (after two departmental rejections), so once I get that I can go ahead and get started on my thesis research. Time's ticking away! And with me trying to balance writing a novel prequel and some upcoming travel, I want to spread this out in a nice, gentle manner.

For travel, I'm getting to go to Toronto in October for a work conference :D Well, half work / half play as I'm planning on coming in early and hanging out for a few days. [It will actually be the same time as the Toronto SPN con, but I'm forgoing that since there aren't any "new" actors at the con and I want a city visit instead of a hotel-only experience.] I have gone to Toronto every four years by chance, which I find funny, but I'm definitely looking forward to a re-visit. Also hoping to finally get through all of the ROM, as my two former attempts were thwarted (first visit I went late in the afternoon so I ran out of time to see all the floors, second visit there was a blackout that closed the museum an hour into my visit). If the third time is thwarted as well I'll know I'm cursed. However, I bet some Tim Hortons and a visit to the The Pickle Barrel will make it better.

Speaking of Canada...

Paul Gross, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you kindly and good night ;)
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This and That

Things have been busy, and sometimes tense, lately but I'm doing okay now :)

Still working on refining my thesis IRB application and proposal for my committee. One thing that I've found is that even though I (and others in fandom as well as fandom research) assert the marginalization of minority populations in mainstream media and the use of fandom and fanvids to rewrite the narrative...I have to be careful to surround my statements with qualifiers to note that it's OUR perspective. Okay, I can do that. And I've been reworking my fandom survey so I can get some more potential data to use for infographics and write-ups. I'm ready to get the process going, but there are steps and I must follow them. Just don't want to let time slip away and have my study rushed come the fall semester.

Finally got a chance to see Hyena Road today, after Netflix lost the other disc they sent. It's a good war film, with great acting and a good storyline. Really puts into perspective the sometimes hopeless affairs of a war that doesn't seem to have an end or even a common focus of enemy. Paul Gross did great work in the directing and it's always nice to see him onscreen. (I did follow it up with a Due South fic festival to get back to happy times, but that's neither here nor there ;)

I haven't yet seen the SPN panel or Nerd HQ reports from Comic-Con (or any of the new trailers), so that'll be my fun activity after my thesis work tonight. I figure if Twitter hasn't blown up yet, nothing too shocking has occured :P

Weekly Update

Well, I didn't intend to just do weekly updates this month, but so far that's what it is :P Okay, quick rundown of things:

  • Had a nice 4th of July, making my annual homemade cheeseburgers. Also read a lot of fanfiction, but did not get a chance to see Hyena Road (Paul Gross' latest movie) because Netflix lost the disc and I had to wait for a replacement. I've received that now, so that's my movie-viewing for tomorrow. (PS: Paul Gross' political commentary on Twitter, popping up on my phone, has been highly entertaining this past week as well.)

  • Sent off my thesis proposal to my committee and they're currently reading that. This led to my (for the first time in my graduate school career) having to acquire Word so that I could send my chair a doc version - I use LibreOffice because it integrates with Zotero and it's free. Anyway, UNC offers 1 free version of Word 2016 to students, so I go that and started learning the program again. It's change ALOT since the last time I used it.

  • That leads into the other thing, and that is thesis formatting. There are very strict margins / spacing / page numbering / other formatting required for submission, so I've been slowly trying to get that integrated so I'm not banging my head against the wall come the Fall. It's a slow process. I spent 2 hours this morning with how-to manuals and managed to get the roman numeral page numbering and the numbered pages to integrate correctly (and reflected in the table of contents) and that's about it. I still have no clue how to get my chapter starts to be 2" from the top instead of the default 1" I need on the other pages. Anyone got tips on that?

  • I also, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture (but might be explained soon), wrote a detailed outline of a potential prequel / Book 1 of the series that would come before my angel and demon novel. I've finished the first chapter this week and will follow that schedule for the remaining chapters, based on my time allowance for the thesis, so that means my thesis defense and novel completion will likely be around the same time. It would be a great November if they aligned like that.

  • And I started getting a daily delivery of the Wall Street Journal, which has served to remind me that I am very much an e-news person now. I pick it up from my driveway on the way out to work, then don't get to actually read the paper until that night. What I really wish is that I could get Sunday delivery of the News and Observer (the state's main paper) as I like the tradition of settling down with the paper and comics and coupons on Sundays, but they said there aren't enough customers to justify delivery to my area? Which makes me wonder how many people in Mebane are getting the Wall Street Journal to justify the cost of delivery of that.

Anyway, planning for the week ahead is more thesis formatting research, novel-writing, and awaiting my thesis to return notes so I can edit and turn in my final proposal on the 18th. Also trying to figure out what on the IRB application is throwing a red flag that I need to have extra data security in place. And if I can't, I'm sure I'm going to get dinged for being my own IT security person. I have the background, I can ensure data security! Not sure the board will see it that way, though.
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Posting Again!

Although I've been reading LJ throughout the past month, I took a break from posting (unintentionally). And I'm catching up on email replies, too, so conversations will commence (or continue) on Sunday :)

June has been very good in terms of getting things done. I wrote my entire thesis proposal (identifying with media characters through fan vidding), which was originally not slated for completion until August 1st. However, because of scheduling, planning, and being passionate about my project meant I got it down faster than expected. It's also much longer than the templates we were given. Usual thesis proposals run 16-20 pages. Mine is 70 pages :/ Well, that just means a) my thesis is going to be well-prepared when I get done with my study and b) I love what I'm doing. As I mentioned on Twitter, I never thought I'd be at a point in my education where I'd be defining pon farr for academic research, but there you go. I'm doing edits to the proposal this weekend, thanks to feedback from my advisor, but they're mainly formatting and some conclusion paragraphs for each chapter. I plan to turn it into my full committee by early Monday, then start the study on August 1st. Well, that's the plan anyway. I'll announce when the survey opens for fandom closer to the date. Hoping for some great feedback!

I'm also working on a detailed outline for a novel prequel for an agent. That has reminded me how much I love these characters, as well as reinforcing the knowledge that writing a series is hard :P Changing canon to ease writing is much easier when it's just one book. However, the prequel already had its basic structure in place, considering I made notations of the characters' shared history in the existing novel. Now I get to expand upon it. Much fun. I'm hoping to get that turned in by Sunday, then take Monday off and just focus on relaxing with some Netflix and fanfiction.

Speaking of fanfiction, I've been on a 3-week immersion of Due South again. ALL THE RAY K / FRASER FIC! Well, it started with a random picture of Paul Gross as he looks today (pretty), then me thinking "I wonder if I could re-find that fic where Fraser's bullet moves and he has to get surgery" (yes I can), then more post-COTW fic came up, and finally I found out that Paul Gross is on Twitter (so much fun). I need his snarky commentary on Canada in my life and on my phone :) Due South is one of those forever fandoms that always makes me happy no matter how many years between fics or vids or rewatches of the eps. (And, yes, I did put 6 Degrees of Canada into my thesis survey.)

And finally, for someone who didn't really drink coffee much before I got my Keurig...I find that I'm prehaps a bit addicted to it. Sadly, mine died this morning and I was sad. Looking on Amazon, a replacement wouldn't get here until Tuesday. I considered it for 6 hours, but in the end decided that it was simply too long! So, I now have a new (and improved) Keurig machine sitting in a box in my kitchen ready to be unpacked and used for the first time tomorrow morning. Reliance on the convienience doesn't hit you until it's no longer there.
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SPN - Alpha and Omega

So...I kinda saw one of the twists coming, but I am okay with that. It sets up great potential for Season 12!

[I am the beginning and the end.]
As always, I love our tradition of season recap with Carry On, My Wayward Son. You forget how far we've come until you go back and see where Amara started. And now we're at the point of sadness and destruction. Amara wants revenge, God wants to keep his sister alive but understands the need to kill her, and once again we're left with the theme of family. It is the strongest bond and the greatest weakness.

The whole Toni situation woven in makes sense for a connection to the next season. I like that there's this whole unknown network of Men of Letters that they didn't know about. Plus, like many in the hunting community, they have a grudge against the Winchesters. I don't think the cliffhanger of shooting Sam was really that much of a cliffhanger? Unless she really did kill him, but I don't think she would since it felt like her bosses wanted her to retrieve the Winchesters to pay for their actions versus just killing them off. I think he's going to be missing once Dean makes it back to the bunker and he'll have to find him. Well, it's my theory anyway, but with Billie hanging around death is always a possibility.

The resolution of the Chuck and Amara storyline was satisfying to me. They don't have to die, they can just take a break and have some family bonding time. The world will carry on spinning and there's always the possibility that Chuck will return. The scales continue to be balanced. However, as soon as she told Dean she wanted to give him that gift I knew what it would turn out to be. Dean needs his mother the most. He will forever be a four year old boy who lost his mother's love too early, forced to become an adult too soon. But what will Mary's return mean? Does she remember who she is? Does she recognize Dean? And how will Dean deal with having his mother back? So much potential!

Okay, fandom. You have a summer to explore where this might go. It's fic-writing time!
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Looking For Fandom / Fan Vid Stats

This might be an impossible task, but I'm full of those :)

I'm starting my Masters thesis proposal, centering around the fan vid community, and need to get a statistically representative sample size of the current fan vid population for my survey. Problem is...that information seems to be unknown.

Does anyone know of any statistics, references, etc. of what the estimated size of the fan vid community is? The only references I've found so far are an estimate of "tens of thousands of fan vids" in existence and that the number of fan vids increased dramatically because of digital technology.

Any help or guidance in a starting direction is always welcome.
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SPN: We Happy Few

I don't know if I have a firm grasp on the outcome of the ep, or the implications of what's to come, but I like it.

[All they want is an apology!]
Lots of family drama tonight, mainly centering around the fact that God cannot apologize.

His favorite son is bitter and angry over his father's apparent betrayal. And all he's ever wanted is for God to acknowledge that he's sorry. And when he can't get his way, he acts like a bratty kid (which I found funny). Daddy wants to pull the power card, then Lucifer's going to play his music loud and brood in his room (Dean's room). I liked seeing he and God attempt to come to terms with their long-standing feud, thanks to the Winchesters playing relationship counselors. And I also liked that God finally admitted that he did have a favorite child and it was Lucifer and the reason he gave him the Mark was because he thought Lucifer could handle it. But finally apologies and truces abound and they can get into the fight on the same side.

While I appreciate that God acknowledged he couldn't bring Raphael and Gabriel back in enough time for it to make a difference, I still wish I could see Gabe again. Witches and demons and other angels just aren't the same as a couple of archangels, but I guess they did okay. Enemy of my enemy and all that. I'm curious as to what the bright light was that Rowena saw at the end. It's so jarring to see SPN in any kind of light that the significance feels huge.

Also the whole situation with Amara is confusing and complex. All she wants is an apology, too. The whole equals versus subordinates concept of why the family battle happened in the first place, I can see both sides, but I was on board with the tactical assault against her. I understood why God didn't want to kill his sister (both out of love and a need to have a balance in the universe). However, I still don't quite understand the hold Amara has over Dean, what her endgame is, nor what the preview means for Dean. Once more sacrificing himself for the greater good? And while I get that Sam wants to step up, making secret deals with God behind Dean's back was never going to end well, even if they succeeded. Dear Winchesters, stop doing that.

I think I need to re-watch the preview again just to try and get it. Finales usually mean deaths for us. I wonder who might not make it out alive.
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