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12 April 1979
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About Me
I often use the tag line "Fandom is my hobby, computers are my life" and that's pretty much true. I've been able to combine those interests and abilities in a number of ways, including being a staff writer and contributor to a number of blogs: Fandomania, Nerds in Babeland, SpoilerTV, and formerly ScienceFantasyUniverse. You can see links to all my articles on my site.

Starsky/Hutch is my evergreen fandom. While other shows may come and go, I'm always involved in SH. I run the starsky_hutch LJ community for all your SH fandom needs, as well as helping to code/design the new SH Archive that's coming soon. My other show, Stargate: Atlantis, has provided me much entertainment and I continue to be involved with that one. I'm currently the McShep archivist over at Crossroads. As for my big fandom at the moment, that would be Supernatural. The complex arcs and eternal bond between the Winchesters always pleases me. In the end, it's about love. "Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well...isn't that kinda the whole point?"

Other Fandoms I Enjoy: Leverage, Due South, BTVS, AtS, NCIS, Invisible Man, Boston Legal, House, Eureka, White Collar, Sanctuary, Castle

I've gathered most of my fanfiction on AO3 (excluding a few zine pieces).

Some Random Fandom Quotes
"Friiiiiiday, Saturday, Sunday...that's like three days!"--David Hewlett doing his Joe Flanigan impression at a con

"It will be totally homoerotic."--Paul Gross commenting on the slashiness of Callum Keith Rennie joining the cast of Due South

"Do you have your teeth in?"--Paul Michael Glaser asking David Soul about his dentures during the Graham Norton skit

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